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Photography Business Mentoring & Coaching

Do you want to take your photo business to the next level?

brent_cameraman_3_160Are you frustrated with the type of client you are attracting? Do you ever have “no shows” at appointments?

Do you feel like you need to keep your prices low, or have to discount to keep your customers happy? Are you constantly under-selling yourself?

What about competition, and the new guy who does all the photography for free?

Are you working all the time, and still have no money in the bank after all the expenses are paid? What about time for family and money for a holiday?

I know how you feel & I can help you get there!

The good news is, I had all of these things in my business plus much, much more…..and I managed to turn it all around and now I run a super-profitable portrait photography business and earn 6 figures, and only work part-time!

Brent Mail’s High Performance Mastermind – What to Expect

My tailored business mastermind program – that will increase your personal productivity and take your business profit to the next level.

Access to me (Brent) every fortnight for an hour in a small mastermind group setting.

Exchange ideas and solutions with other business owners in your small mastermind group – they are going through similar challenges and probably already have the solution to your problem!

My private email – for any questions that need to be answered quickly.

Access to my internal training videos that have never been released (after 2 months).

Access to my pricing structure and all business systems – even the systems that are not in my Portrait Photography for Profit Course.

My photography marketing expertise – what works and what doesn’t, plus my business strategies from decades of running small businesses.

Whats the investment – to achieve success?

To be personally mentored/coached by me in a small mastermind group setting, comes as an investment of only $375 per month (plus GST if applicable) with no monthly contracts. I will interview perspective candidates to make sure that there will be a good working relationship.

Please note: This is a very popular mastermind program and as you can imagine, coaching spots are extremely limited so make sure you contact me and register your interest.

Why am I helping other photography business owners?

I know how frustrating it can be to be working all the time, and not seeing the results you want. I have been there and the thing that changed it all for me was I got help from others. I went to seminars, read a lot of business books and tested and changed my business until I discovered what works and what doesn’t work.
I also paid for business coaching, and it worked! This was a pivotal point in my business.
Why did it work?
1. Being held accountable to someone else forced me to achieve what I said I wanted to achieve.
2. Getting good advice at the right time (just when I needed it) was priceless. Problems and major decisions pop up all the time, and getting the right answers at these critical times makes all the difference.
So, it’s time for me to give back – and help you to achieve your goals, and live the life you dream about. That is why I do it, because I sincerely want to see you succeed!
Have and awesome day! Brent

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