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What others are saying about the mini-photography course

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Paid Course Feedback:

Here is what some photographers are saying about my photography training courses:

“I have come away with inspiration and motivation to create even more stunning shots …”

   My name is Jason Bellchambers and I am an amateur photographer. I have been looking for material to further and hone my skills and found your training videos most informative. I hear photographers talking about aperture, exposure, DOF. ISO and so on and never quite understood it. Your 10 training videos covered and answered my questions and much much more. You were able to show and explain in simple to understand detail of each subject matter. I have come away with inspiration and motivation to create even more stunning shots and look forward to you next lot of videos and would be very keen to join one of your workshops. Anyone that would like a launching platform into the world of amazing photography would highly benefit from these videos. I know I have. Once again thank you Brent for your time and effort into these superlative videos, I really feel they are an essential tool and it gives great piece of mind that I can refer back to them in the future. Cheers and keep creating and sharing.

“…given me many new insights into getting the best out of my new DLSR camera”

  “[These] videos are a great guide to both basic and more advanced photography. As a long term enthusiastic amateur with experience of film and compact digital photography, Brent Mail’s clearly explained and brilliantly illustrated videos have reminded me of key principles and given me many new insights into getting the best out of my new DLSR camera.”

Nigel Waters, Nelson Bay

“…give these videos to my 15 year old grandson as an introduction and guide for him to enjoy ‘the wonderful world of photography’…”

  My name is Peter Drummond and I live with my wife in Nelson Bay N.S.W., and I am 70 years old.
My interest in photography can possibly be traced back to the late 1940’s and after many cameras I have settled with the Nikon D5000 which I was still apprehensive about getting out of AUTO for my camera work.
I, along with other members of the Tomaree Peninsula Camera Club, attended Brent’s first ‘beginners-class’ on digital photography and that initial class got me out of Auto mode. I have decided to give these videos to my 15 year old grandson as an introduction and guide for him to enjoy ‘the wonderful world of photography’.

“Sessions 6 (Lenses) & 10 (Inspiration) were my personal favourites as I love “recipes” on how shots were created.”

  My name is Anne & I am new to the world of photography.  As a member of the Tomaree Peninsular Photography Club, I was excited to be offered your Essential Skills training videos as I greatly admire your work.  The course offers a valuable introduction to photography, presented in a very natural manner.  Sessions 6 (Lenses) & 10 (Inspiration) were my personal favourites as I love “recipes” on how shots were created.  I’m off to order my super wide angle lens & can’t wait to shoot new landscapes.  Thank you for your generosity & willingness to share your photography tips.

 “… confidence in applying what I have learnt…”

  My name is Heather Colgate.
My experience with photography is being a “happy snapper” for a long period of time and have had a digital camera for ten years, I have always wanted to learn more but had difficulty grasping content. I have done a photography course but have not followed through with the practice. My take away from these videos has been confidence in applying what I have learnt with exposure, for me the chart you drew up for under/overexposure has helped me a great deal; although I understood aperture size etc I could not put everything together as one. I am slowly grasping the essence of Essential Skills Photography and find the training videos have helped immensely. This will mean I can now take a different view of everything I see.

“Short, succinct chapters are easy to digest…”

  My name is David Hamments and I am a Canadian living in Nelson Bay.

I’ve been involved in 35mm photography since the late ’70′s when I purchased my first full SLR kit. I’ve dabbled in medium format (Twin lens Rolleiflex) but really became fanatic about my hobby when digital SLR’s became affordable. I’ve owned Nikon D70, D70s, D40x and currently use a D90 and D7000.I enjoyed watching your videos and also enjoyed reading your e-book. My thoughts on both follow:

  • Very well done in terms of video / audio quality – I loved the use of local sites in the videos
  • Excellent topics for the beginner looking to get more from their new DSLR
  • Short, succinct chapters are easy to digest and try out before moving on to the next one
  • Logical, well thought out progression of video chapters
  • Great use of the kids to demonstrate light and shutter speed…
  • An inexpensive way to get more out of your camera (especially if the videos are bundled with the e-book)
  • I especially liked the chapter on composition – this will be very useful to new photographers


Review by Kimberly Edwards

“I LOVED the course and I look forward to taking more.”

BTW – I LOVED the course and I look forward to taking more. I am new at photography (a year in) and I have learned so much taking courses from Phil Steele and now your course; I have gained many worth while new things in just taking one of your courses compared to taking a course at the local college and all the internet reading (BORING)….AMAZING!!! I can’t wait until my next pay day so I can take another course. I love the ease of how you approach teaching and it makes sense to me (I am a slow learner and not tech savvy). 🙂
Have a Wonderful day!

Review by Terry Gray

“Your tips are so practical and do-able…”

Wow!!! What an awesome photography course! I’m not a professional photographer nor do I have aspirations to be, but I LOVE photographing my young grandchildren and creating photo books for them that I hope they will treasure the rest of their lives.

Your tips are so practical and do-able…thanks for the down-to-earth approach! I couldn’t wait to see the next video…sad it’s over! Thank you from a doting photographer-grandma!

Review by Wendy Hunt

“I love your approach, which is easily explained and not overly detailed.”

Great series. I like the short lessons because I often do not have time for long sessions…a few minutes here and there is generally all I have to devote at any given time…these were PERFECT!…I am not a professional photographer (nor am I planning to be), but have recently been asked to do a number of sessions involving little ones. I am a teacher by trade, but I usually work with much older kids, so I wanted to make sure I was doing things right. I love your approach, which is easily explained and not overly detailed. I took loads of notes and referred to them again yesterday before I went out on a shoot with an 18 month old. It was good review. To answer the above question about other ideas (david @troness)…well, Brent really covers them all…it is all about connecting with the kids…simple, easy, and engaging THEM. With the little ones especially, I really just follow them as they are playing and see where they lead me. That is where the best shots come from. Trying to pose little ones is like herding cats. Only harder. :0)

Thank you again for a great series of lessons for photographing children…I will definitely be watching for other courses in the future!

Review by Jeff Crooks

“great job on presenting these lessons”

These have been very informative lessons. I enjoyed them very much. You did a great job on presenting these lessons. I would very much like to see how the process goes in actually presenting the images to the clients. I will be reviewing these lessons regularly. Great Job! Jeff


Review by Daine Bell (udemy)

“Great Course”

I really enjoyed this course. It’s filled with lots of useful tips and information. I don’t have lots of experience photographing kids, but after taking this course, I feel more prepared. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in photographing children.


sarahReview by Sarah Webber

“I LOVED it!”

I have just completed watching the ‘how to photograph kids naturally’ course and absolutely I LOVED it! You are easy to listen to, clear and concise. I really love seeing you taking the shot in a video and then seeing the resulting shot straight after.

I thought this course was extremely valuable to my understanding of photographing children and have taken away many tips and advice!

I feel so much more confident in my approach to photographing children now… many thanks!


JoeReview by Joseph M Giordano (udemy)

“Some very good lessons”

…Sections 10 and up were of particular interest to me and gave me some detailed information on what I should be using and how to deal with the photos after I have taken them. The lessons learned here can be used in no matter why type of photography you do.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate photographer, there is something here for everyone. I am glad I took the course.

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