Want to create images with IMPACT?

It’s not so much WHAT you are photographing that’s the most important – it’s WHEN and HOW you photograph it. You’ve got to capture a scene when the rhythm peaks!

In this video I explain this important tip – with lots of photo examples from ‘The Promised Land’
…Plus tell the story of how I ended up in hospital in excruciating pain!

Grab your favourite drink and watch this video I made for you…

‘Mungo Brush’ (where I shot this video) has an amazing energy – I love this place.

Comment below and tell me about a time when you really felt the energy of a place (where were you and how did you feel?).



P.S. Did you watch my 1st video – How To Capture The Soul Of A Scene – if not then watch it after this one. I talk about the 2 things you need to do when you first arrive at a new scene.
Thanks for all the amazing comments on this 1st video.

Don’t forget to comment below. Brent

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