How to get images ready for print

I’ve just sent off the 3 signed prints to the winner – Rodney Charlton.

After my surf yesterday, I showed a friend these prints.

And his reaction stunned me.

He’d seen these images before – on a screen.

But never in print format.

“Wow, these shots are amazing, so much detail!”

That’s because I’ve taken the time to choose the right collection of images…

Edited them so that my printer can do his thing…

Got them printed on low-gloss paper, so that the blacks look “pitch black”, and the mid tones are smooth as silk.

Under the right light – these prints do make an impact.

So I thought I’d share my process of how I go about getting these images ready for my printer.

Plus I’m giving away my Black & White Safari Preset for Lightroom plus my New Starting Point for Landscapes Preset I use all the time.


Watch this video above and grab the presets below.

Also don’t forget to print your best work.

Frame and hang them with pride.

It’s worth the effort because you’ll enjoy these memories for many years.

And you’ll be sharing these emotions and stories with everyone who sees your prints.

Isn’t that what photography is all about?



P.S. Leave me a comment below if you found this video helpful

B/W Safari LR Preset

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