Question: Why is the photo on the left a bad shot and the photo on the right a great shot? What did I do with the good shot that I didn’t do in the other shot?

Highlights from this video:
0:04 Bad photo quality versus good photo quality
0:24 Know why the first image is not a good image
0:50 What I did to correct the image
1:03 A couple of images of Wesley in different angles
1:50 Actual Photoshoot while I was moving around

Bad Shot (head cut off by horizon)

I’m looking at some of the photos I took at the Mt. Kosciuszko when I hiked up there with my family (We were travelling). I was looking at this image and notice that:
  1. His neck is being cut-off by the background.
  2. The pathway kind of goes behind him and it doesn’t really show too much depth to this image.

That’s the reason why this image is not a good one.

Good Shot (head not cut-off, subject off-center)

To correct this:
  1. I moved around and positioned Wesley off-center.
  2. I bent my knees a little bit, so that his head isn’t being cut-off by the horizon.
  3. I’ve got the pathway going off in the distance.
  4. I used the flash to light up his face.
Here, I got a little bit closer. I got him to look off-camera and I used the flash to light up his face. I also bent my knees so that his neck is not being cut-off by the background. This is a much better angle. 
Here’s another one that I shot. I did the similar thing; I moved around, used my flash, bent my knees, and  got the pathway going. I got Wesley looking away from me.
Leave your comments below if you have questions and I’ll reply to you personally. Have a great day!
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