How planning ahead helps you get your very best sunset images, every time!

Hi guys, Brent here with a fun little video I made about how I go about getting the best sunset images I can before I even get out to my location.

I’m sitting on the balcony at home, just down the road from Birubi Beach, having a look at the beautiful sunset that is fast approaching. I was out kiteboarding earlier (another passion of mine) and because of the strong breeze, I know it’s going to be an amazing sunset and I want to head down to the beach and get some really great images!

But I’m not going to just grab my camera and go. I’m going to take a few minutes to think about my vision and what I need to take with me to capture that. Watch now to learn my thought process as I get prepared for this epic shoot!

In this episode:

(0:32) – Conceptualize Your Images Ahead of Time
(0:53) – Plan for Success
(2:35) – Realizing the “Dream”…Image, That is!
(2:59) – Summary: What You’ve Learned

Conceptualize Your Images Ahead of Time

Before going out, I always think about what kind of images I want from my photoshoot. I consider the conditions and what it is I’m shooting. This gives me a good idea of what I’ll need to take with me.

Because I already know there are big waves, I know there are going to be surfers. Where there are waves, there are always surfers!

The offshore wind will be creating spray off the waves, so I know I want to get photos of the surfers on the waves with the spray shooting off into the setting sun.

Plan for Success

Now that I know what kind of images I want to get, I have to plan what to take with me!

To get the beautiful sunset and landscape, I’m going to need a wide-angle lens. I’ve got my 17mm lens with my professional DSLR. But I also want to get detailed images, maybe some close to the surfers, as well as be able to zoom in and fill the frame with the sun. For that, I’m going to need my 100-400mm zoom lens.

The zoom lens is great for capturing the surfers in action. And it’s also great for shooting the sun over the water with the spray from the waves in front of the sun, like this:

Realizing the “Dream”…Image, That Is

I ran out of time to use the wide angle, but I was able to the zoom lens to capture these stunning images; the beautiful ball fire sinking into the water, the waves breaking in front of it, and the spray blowing off behind the waves.

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To get these gorgeous photos, here is what I did:

  • Conceptualized the kind of images I wanted to take
  • Chose the right equipment to create these images
  • Chose the best location for what I preconceived in my mind
  • And, last but not least, hoped for the best!

By being prepared, you won’t waste time looking for things to shoot or not knowing what to do. You’ll get straight to what you want, get it, and then head home (to edit those gorgeous pictures)!

So there you have it…what goes through my head before I go on a photoshoot!

Let me know in the comments section below if you have any questions and I’ll get back to you!

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