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Travel Sunset Photography Tip

While travelling, I wanted to give you one more little trick from this photoshoot using this point and shoot camera. The sun has gone down, it’s getting quite dark now and I’ve been playing with this little point-and-shoot compact camera to see what I can do. It’s quite amazing.

Highlights from this video:
0:21 What you can do with a point-and-shoot camera
0:30 Dragging the shutter
1:05 Image showing movement and sharp focus

Dragging the Shutter Technique


I photographed my daughter jumping in front of these clouds as we’re catching the last rays of sun. I want to show you a little method called “dragging the shutter.”

Very Slow Shutter Speed

It’s when you go with a really slow shutter speed. I’ve put this camera on to time value (Tv) or shutter priority mode and I’ve adjusted the shutter speed down (slow).

I’ve gone from 1/100 sec and went all the way down to 1/13 sec or 1/15 sec, which is really slow, and I’m also using the flash. I got my daughter to move and jump around and do a little ballet pose. What it does is, it creates this unusual image where you got movement in the images and part of the image still.

Add Fill Flash


The really slow shutter speed captures all the movement as shown by the blurring of the image and the flash fires where it actually sharpens part of the image that the flash captures. That is because the flash fires at a very high speed (short burst of light) – which means it freezes part of the subjects that it touches.

So that’s what you call dragging the shutter. What do you think of these images? They’re quite cool. They’re really slow shutter speed images with a flash.

This Brent, have a great day!

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