Seasonal Photography Tips: Photographing Summer and Winter.

What are Seasonal Vibes in photography?

Let’s talk about capturing year-round photos. You know you’ve seen those photographs that make you want to be somewhere.

That amazing sunset or beach, the drink with an umbrella in it with incredibly blue water in the background. Maybe you love winter and photos of skiers coming down the slopes give you that exhilarating feeling of being there or remembering your last ski trip.

Those are seasonal vibe photographs. They evoke a feeling or emotion of time and/or place. You get a real sense of the weather; the atmosphere of the scene and it draws you in. Maybe it even makes you want to go there or return to somewhere you’ve been at a certain time of year.

how to capture year-round photos

Why capturing year-round photos is important?

In our own photography, it’s important to capture year-round photos. It allows us to look back through our photos and recall our travels, the people we were with, the sights, sounds and smells that are prevalent during specific times of the year. We’ll have these memories and images for years to come. Keepsakes of a feeling from that place we can look back on and share with others.

Remembering sitting in front of a campfire, dipping our toes in the water or feeling the cool winter air in our faces as we head down the slopes. The photos we create that show these seasonal vibes bring it all back and help us relive those moments.

How to capture year-round photos

Here are some of the easiest ways to create photos that show seasonal vibes:

  1. Think about a positive emotion that represents summer or winter for you. Sitting with a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a good book comes to mind for winter. What makes you happy during the summer or winter.
  2. Think about how to show that feeling in your photo. Consider how you will photograph the emotion of those moments. What lens will you use to best create that feeling? What perspective helps to show that emotion and get your viewer to feel it too?
  3. Think about your lighting, the point of interest and what you will do so that the image conveys exactly what you were experiencing.

If you need some inspiration check out the Seasonal Vibes Pinterest Board.

Photo BootCamp Magazine

In this issue of BootCamp magazine, find out how our BootCamp members capture year-round photos.

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Below is a small sample of what’s in this magazine…

how to capture year-round photos

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Inside BootCamp Magazine

Featured Artist

Let’s take a look at this month’s magazine. Here is our featured artist of the month, Richard Hutson, from the United States.

how to capture year-round photos

To quote Richard, “Seasonal vibes are nuanced here in San Francisco but the ‘Fourth of July’ brings out the flag not so subtle flying against our white house.”

Comment: Laura Griffiths“A lovely shot of your beautiful home Richard. The green frame is perfect around the strong white of the house and the flag just sets it all off. Very summery too. We are so missing travels but seeing these photos brings lots of reminiscing, of your city included.”

Cover Image

This month’s magazine cover image was taken by Laura Griffiths from South Africa. She photographed this scene on a trip of a lifetime a few years back. Four days after returning home she asked if they could go straight back (to no avail of course). Nothing prepares one for the indescribable beauty, peace and lack of human interference in this place. Crab-Eater Seals floating on ice in Antarctica.

Comment: Belinda Swan“OMG. What an amazing experience! The ice creates nice leading lines down to the seals and the muted colours definitely convey a wintery vibe!”

how to capture year-round photos

Active Members who captured year-round images

Let’s take a look at what Seasonal Vibes our BootCamp members have to show us this month.

Starting with Rodney Charlton from Australia. A visit to their local farmers market on a Saturday accompanied by some winter rain. Fortunately, it mostly held off while they were there getting the produce, but it left water all over the ground and central pathway.

how to capture year-round photos

Comment: Kerrie Clarke“I really love the DoF you have captured in this, Rodney. The palette is beautiful, and truly captures the moment of winter rain at the market, with a nice pop of red in the background. Awesome”

Next, we have Belinda Swan from Australia. A clear winter night at the wetlands.

Comment: Sheree Ebanks“Wonderful capture, Belinda! You have also beautifully captured the Milky Way… you could enhance it a bit by bringing out the wonderful colours….and straighten the photo a bit, but this is a magnificent shot! Well done!”

how to capture year-round photos

Next, we have Dave Koh from Singapore. His first seasonal vibes shot was taken on Christmas Island some time ago at Lily Beach (for those who are familiar). The water was extremely clear on a sunny day with this happy guy doing a star jump with a beautiful background of the Indian Ocean and backdrops. Dave liked it as he almost had a perfect jump with fully stretched arms and legs and the happy feeling that he showed.

how to capture year-round photos

Comment: Denis O’Byrne“Hi Dave. I like the mixture in this shot. The joy on the guy’s face – nailed it. The action from the wave in the distance. Then those wave petters brought me into calm clear water behind the guy. Well taken.”

Then we have Keri Down from Australia. For her final submission, she chose the sunrise at Raby Bay from 2018. The softness and the color appeal to her.

Comment: Kerrie Clarke“Lovely minimalist image, Keri. Nicely composed and gorgeous colours. Also love the silhouettes. Well done.”

how to capture year-round photos

And last but not the least, this is from Tessa Blewchamp from the United Kingdom. Nothing says summer like an Aperol spritz! Just a shame she can’t get to Italy to drink one. Tessa tried several shots, both inside and out and eventually ended up with the glass on a fence post. She likely took technically better shots, but she liked this version with the sunburst.

how to capture year-round photos

Comment: Peter Brody“Tessa, I like the many different colors of orange you created, including the starburst. Very refreshing on a hot summer’s day!!”

There you have it guys. Those are just some of the images by our members that show how to create year-round photos.

You can also share your images by joining Photo BootCamp Academy and can count on the community to help and guide you along the way. If you are not yet a member of this awesome family now is the best time to become one.

You can check out the complete BootCamp Magazine and see for yourself!


  • Capturing year-round photos in photography conveys feelings or emotions of time and/or place.
  • Creating images with seasonal vibes bring us back to those moments.
  • Think about what a particular season means to you and capture that in an image.

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