How does it feel to surf on art?


This is the question I asked myself a few months ago…and I’ll soon find out.

A while back I was comissioned to create a photo collage on the bottom side of a surfboard. I was so impressed with the outcome that I decided to print 2 of my underwater images and have them “glassed” to the bottom of 2 custom surfboards – for me. I had just broken my one-and-only board, so I needed an excuse for 2 more:)

Just received these 2 beautiful surf boards from Australian Surfboard Industries. They took my images, which were printed on fibreglass cloth and then “glassed” over with resin, so they are actually inside the surfboard.

What do you think? Comments welcome. Brent

photo on surfboard

Update: I have surfed both of these boards now, and I love them both. The fish is great in small mushy waves and the thruster is awesome when the swell picks up a bit, like 3ft and above.

What do you think?

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