The Best Beginner Photography eBook Ever:

Update: This book is now part of my Essential Photography Skills – Multimedia Training Course. Click Here to View

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In this 2nd edition we have re-written this book in easy-to-understand English, with lots of visual examples and diagrams. In fact we re-wrote the exposure section to be easier to understand, as well as added more exposure charts and graphics.

If you are just getting started with photography, then you’ll love this popular photography eBook. If you are relatively new to photography, then this book will help you immensely. It can be incredibly challenging to figure out all the functions on your camera and how they affect your pictures. What are f-stops? What are shutter speeds? How can I use lighting to make my shots look more stunning?

I answer these types of questions in Essential Photography Skills.

The best part are the colorful illustrations that will make learning your camera a breeze.

I believe that this is the best beginner photography eBook out there and I am confident that after reading this eBook you will become a better photographer. I also back this book with a 100% money back guarantee.

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Here are a few examples of pages from the book.

Here is what some people have to say about this book:

Lawrence Trutter's profile photo Thanks to your book, I finally understood the composition & rule of 3! I guess I didn’t really understand   composition from the other books that I have (they were wordy). Yours is the best & clearest explanation of composition that I came across. It already  made a difference in my photos! The rest of the book are awesome! I’ll probably come up with some more constructive feedback in the future. Thanks again!!!! – Lawrence Trutter


Steve Boyko's profile photo I had a quick skim through it so far, and I think it’s a great basic book. The layout is great and it is bright and easy to read. I like it! – Steve Boyko


Kristine Gerke's profile photo Being a VERY amateur photographer, I appreciate this eBook. It is easy to follow and makes sense to those of us who have never  taken a photography class. Your explanation of F-stops is great & I love the Composition & Inspiration section. Thank you

Brent Mail – Kristine Gerke


Eleni Messini's profile photo Hey +Brent Mail thank you very much mate! you puplished that wondeful and very informative eBook, just went through it and wow, many good information i can use to make my skills better.Thank you very much. – Eleni Messini

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