When you’re travelling & climbing mountains, what is that one piece of equipment that you really should bring with your camera to get the best photos possible.

Climbing up Mountains – What Photo Equipment to Bring?

I’m climbing up Mount Kosciuszko, which is the tallest mountain in Australia. I want to show you some photos that I took using this one piece of equipment that I bring with me when climbing mountains. It’s called a circular polarizing filter.

Highlights from this video:
0:03 What’s one piece of equipment you should bring with your camera when climbing a mountain?
0:25 A polarizing filter
0:32 Image with polarizing filter
0:46 No polarizing filter
0:52 Comparison
1:04 What camera I used

With Polarizing Filter – Look at the Sky (Dark Blue)

I want to show you this image which I took with the polarizing filter attached to the front of my lens. You’ll notice that the sky on the background is nice and blue and my daughter kind of jumps out of the background.

Without Polarizing Filter – Sky is light

I had it compared to when I turn the circular polarizing filter (so that there is no filter effect on the image) and there’s no dark sky on the background and you’ll notice some dark shadows on her. Definitely, when you’re climbing mountains make sure you bring a polarizing filter for your camera.


By the way, I shot this using a Canon EOS 60D, which is a consumer-grade SLR camera. It’s not the professional-grade camera and it still gets some great photos. Below are a couple more from the trip up Mount Kosciuszko.
Pic above: My family (Stacy, Brooke & Wesley) made it to the top! 
Hope you learned something from this quick photo tip. Do leave your comments below and I’ll answer them for you.

This is Brent, have a great day!

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