Have you ever been overwhelmed with all the stuff you need to learn when it comes to photography? If you answered yes, stick around as I have a couple of tips for you. 

Highlights from this video:
0:32 Photoshop and lightroom upgrade
0:52 New things to learn
1:40 Do one thing at a time
2:41 Apply it to photography

New Equipment and Software

Recently, I put an article out on Visual Wilderness asking about which Photoshop or Lightroom to upgrade to as I’ve got the old version of these photo editing tools. I use them all the time and I’m really good at those versions, but I have just recently upgraded.


Right now, I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I just got too many things to learn. Have you ever felt like that?


New Things to Learn

  1. I got a new laptop and it comes with Windows 8, which is different to the Windows OS that I used to run.
  2. I’ve got the latest version of Photoshop and Lightroom.
  3. I’ve also got a new tablet to help me with my new photo editing tools.

I’ve been trying to learn all these things at once and I get really overwhelmed. I get frustrated and I almost want to give up.

But I’ve come back now after a few days of getting away and I asked myself “what is the best way to do this?”


Do One Thing at a Time

Here’s my big tip for you if you are in the same situation: Do one thing at a time.

For me, it’s learning how to use my laptop first with the new OS. I took out the manuals, went through them and I actually got to learn a lot of new things, which are really cool.

The next thing I did was to work out how my new tablet works; how to go about with my work using a tablet instead of a mouse.

Once I figure out how the tablet works, I’m going to go and learn the newest versions of Lightroom and then Photoshop.

So, do one thing at a time and build on your success. Get one thing right. Get really good at it and get comfortable with it and then start the next thing.


Apply it to Photography

How does this relate to photography?

Portrait Photographers:

For instance, if you are a portrait photographer, just do one thing new at a time. Instead of being close to your subject when you’re photographing them, move further away and zoom in – you’ll notice that the background will go blurry. That’s one thing you could do. Once you figure that out and learn how it works, then do the next thing.

Landscape Photographers:

If you’re a landscape photographer and you’ve got new gear, take one thing at a time with you.

Say for example, you’ve just started using a tripod and you might have a couple of new lenses and new camera – maybe a couple of circular polarizing filters or graduated neutral density filters. Just do one thing at a time.

Take out your tripod with a camera that you already know how to use and practice until you’re comfortable with the tripod.

Then take out your filter, put it on, and see how that works and be comfortable with that.

After which, you can then take out your new lens.

Conclusion: To avoid Frustration – Do ONE thing at a time!

So that’s my advice to you: Do one thing at a time, get comfortable with it before starting with the next thing.

If you do this, then you won’t have to be overwhelmed with the amount of things you need to learn.

If you’ve been in the same situation as me, leave a comment below and tell me if this post has helped you.

Brent here, have a great day!

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