In this post I review the Fujifilm X-E2, the good, the bad and the ugly (mostly all good)

I have split this hands-on review into 2 parts, Part 1 (below) is the look and feel and all the features of this great camera, and then part 2 (further down the page) I look at the images this camera produces.

Part 1: (First look, the build and handling)


Whats this camera great for?

  • Travel photography (light and easy to use)
  • Everyday events – kids
  • Landscape photography
  • Behind the scenes photography

WR6A7208 WR6A7223


  • Solid build
  • Retro look and feel
  • Great low light photography
  • Awesome control – full manual
  • Top Image Quality (very impressed – click on the images in this post for a larger look)
  • WiFi – connect to phone – post to social media while travelling
  • Great lenses – shallow depth of field
  • Face detection autofocus (sometimes it doesn’t work)


  • Autofocus – sometimes it gets it wrong, especially with tracking focus
  • Battery life
  • Video is OK
  • Not for professional kids photography

WR6A7226 WR6A7233

WR6A7237 WR6A7209

Cool Features:

  • Q Button (quick access)
  • 7 fps (frames per second)
  • Lens Modulation Optimizer (makes jpg images super crisp and impressive)
  • Multiple lenses (especially the 23mm f1.4)

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Part 2: (Travel & Landscape Photos)

Still Images – Click for larger size

Travel Images

DSCF0243 DSCF0246


DSCF0001 DSCF0083

DSCF0106 DSCF0123


Behind the scenes images

DSCF0373 DSCF0363

DSCF0369 DSCF0350

Landscape Images


DSCF2169 DSCF2153

DSCF0340 DSCF0294 


Event Images

DSCF1594 DSCF1672

DSCF1683 DSCF1664

What do you guys think? Please leave me comments below. Brent


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