Blue Mountains
We have just come back from a quick getaway in the blue mountains – west of Sydney.

Mid winter in the mountains is really cold, got up to 5 deg in the day but the air is clear and the views are unbelievable. Seeing as the kids are on holiday, we decided to check out a different part of the blue mountains, so we packed in the dogs, kids and all my camera gear and stayed at an Alpaca farm near Bilpin. Well, the dogs were not too impressed with the alpacas (look like Llamas), but the kids were and they loved the farm stay too.

We all loved the wood burning fire every night.

I photographed a panorama of the grand canyon from Evans Lookout, and now I know why they are called the blue mountains…see if you notice the blue haze in the distance.

Had to stop and get a pic of the old trucks too. Enjoy. Brent


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