There are thousands of filters you can buy for your camera, so which one is the best?

Lets go back to when you bought your camera. What did the sales person recommend? A UV filter right? I got suckered into buying this filter for a few of my lenses in the beginning…

UV Filter (Don’t get this one)

What exactly is a Ultraviolet light filter?

The Ultra Violet filter in my opinion is a waste of money. It’s basically a piece of glass to protect your camera lens, but it does nothing for the quality of your images. In fact, sometimes this filter can get a bit of moisture inside and actually make your images look more dull and lifeless. I would recommend a lens cap to protect your lens, and make sure you put the cap on when you are done shooting. Have you lost yours yet, I lost 2 over the weekend.

Now, this is the filter I recommend you buy…

Circular Polarising Filter is the best.

What does a polarising filter do?

The circular polarising filter basically takes the glare out of the scene, especially if you are shooting landscapes.
Have you ever worn polarising sunglasses? Did you notice how the sky and ocean/lake looks much clearer, the colours are more vivid and the scenes looks even more stunning. This is what a polarising filter does…

It makes the sky more blue, and you are able to look into the water.

Why circular?

This means that once the filter has been attached to the front of your lens, you are then able to turn it (without loosening it) and find the angle where you get the maximum polarisation. This is because this filter works best when photographing 90 degrees away from the sun, and it it totally useless when photographing into the sun, or with the sun directly behind you.

Real Life Examples:

Here is an example from a trip to Vanuatu of when I used this filter and when I didn’t, notice the pebbles under the water, they are only visible when I’m using the polarising filter.

With Polarizing Filter

Here is the same scene without the filter attached.

Without Polarizing Filter

Notice how the reflection on the water makes the scene so much more dull and lifeless. Also the trees and foliage seems dull.

If you are looking to buy one filter to add to your photography gear, I would recommend the circular polarising filter.

Polarizing Filter

What do you think? Please leave comments below….I try to answer them all.

Cheers, Brent


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