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Today, I’m going to reveal the three quickest ways to become a better landscape photographer.

Zero to Hero – The Fastest Way Possible!

How do you go from being a complete amateur – like I was about 10 years ago, to producing a sold out book (which I’ve sold more than 5,000 copies of), winning awards in landscape photography, and selling prints for quite a lot of money? Well, the really quick answer to that is, a community that we just created called:


Basically, everyone in Visual Wilderness is there for one purpose only and that’s to improve their landscape photography.

So let me go into details of the three things that helped me become a professional landscape photographer, win awards, sell my prints, and be known in my community as THE landscape photographer.

1. Learn from a Master Photographer

The first step to becoming a better landscape photographer is, learning from the masters. I went out there and found photographers that I really respected, whose work I really love. I asked them a lot of questions and I learned from them.

The way to do that is to find someone that you really respect; 2 or 3 landscape photographers that you really admire. See if they’ve got any training materials out there and get everything you can from them. Look at their social media pages and ask them questions. You can also get a mentor; someone in your area who is a great landscape photographer. Go out with them and learn from them.

Now, if you don’t have anyone in your area and you’re finding it difficult to find a great landscape photographer who will communicate with you, you can always go to our course, The Ultimate Landscape Photography Course, where Jay and Varina teach you everything you need to know about landscape photography.

2. Get Honest Feedback – Not from Facebook

The next step is getting honest feedback for your landscape photography images.

Now, I’m not talking about posting them on Facebook and receive comments from your friends and family who would say “great!”, “love it!, “beautiful!” That is not going to improve your landscape photography.

I’m talking about posting these images in a place where there are other people who will give you positive and good information on how you can improve these images. They can tell you what they like and what they don’t like about these images.
A place where you can respect that information, improve your work, and become a better photographer. I go to VW for my feedback.


3. Challenge Yourself – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Find an assignment or something to do. Challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. In Visual Wilderness, we’ve got a monthly assignment that we put out to all the members.

This month, for instance, it is shallow depth-of-field; shooting a landscape using a shallow depth-of-field, which is probably the opposite of what you normally do when it comes to landscape photography. You want a broad DOF. You want everything in focus. Varina and Jay put the challenge in a way that give you encouragement and inspiration. They show you some of the images that they’ve used in the past for this assignment and then you post your images and people comment.

At the end of the month, Jay, Varina, Johnny, and I look at some of the best images, we critique them, and we give you feedback. And that’s the best way to improve your landscape photography.


What to do next…

  1. Find a mentor. Someone that you really respect and learn from them.
  2. Get constructive feedback on your landscape images. Post them somewhere where you can get feedback that can help improve your work.
  3. Challenge yourself. Set yourself a challenge every month or every week. Go out and complete that challenge. The easy way to do this is just join Visual Wilderness . Jay, Varina, johny, and I are in there every day. We give feedback to all the images that are being posted. There’s a also a monthly challenge in there where you can go in and try to complete the assignment. Everyone is doing it and you can learn from what other people are doing and you can learn from the feedback you get from your images.

Why join Visual Wilderness?

  1. Improve your landscape photography
  2. Get in now while the price is cheap. It’s over 50% off and every 100 subscribers, the price goes up a little bit.

We’re really getting a lot of people in there and I think we’re close to hitting the next 100 subscribers.
So, get in quick. Join Visual Wilderness Today. We’d love to see you there!

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Cheers, Brent

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