Hi Guys. Yes, I know I’ve been a little quiet – here is the reason why.

Right now I’m travelling up the east coast of Australia with my family in our little pop-up caravan. We have been on the road now for 4 weeks, and we are loving it.

What you can learn from my travel photos…

Here are some of the images I have already created, and the settings and thinking that went into capturing them. Make sure you click on the images for a bigger view.

Fast Shutter Speed – Long Lens:

Jimmys waveAbove: Wave action at Jimmys beach. Using a long lens (400mm) and a very fast shutter speed (1/2000 sec) I wanted to capture the “barreling wave”. The wind was blowing off-shore and this helped make this wave look perfect – for a surfer that is. BTW this wave is only about 1-2 feet high, pretty small.

Lucky Shot: Who has the horns in this image?

Bulls Horns

 Here is a lucky shot – see the bull riders horns? Every now and then I get a lucky shot like this, something unexpected comes out of a photo shoot. We were in Rockhampton and I was shooting these bull-riders and experimenting with different shutter speeds. What do you think?

Slow Shutter Speed – Action

Slow down

How slow a shutter speed can you go, when shooting action. In the image above I wanted to show movement (blurring) plus have enough sharpness to make the image tell a story. 1/30th of a second shutter speed was used. Do you think I could have gone slower?

Sunrise through the clouds:


Sometimes it pays to wait a little longer – be patient. After shooting this sunrise at the town of 1770 (yes, that the towns name – it’s where captain Cook landed in 1770) I waited a little longer and was rewarded with these suns rays. I zoomed in with my lens to 105mm (24-105) and shot this at 1/400 sec (fast shutter speed) and at f/10 (mid range aperture).

Strange Ship Wreck – Long Exposure:

Ship Wreck

After spotting this Yacht wreck at Airlie Beach, I had to go and photography it. I chose to use a long exposure technique to make it look a little more “arty”. Wider angle 24mm (24-105 lens) using a 10 stop ND filter to long exposure 30 seconds, at f14 aperture. Do you like the way the water is so smooth and the clouds are blurred?

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What do you think of these travel photo’s? Did you learn something new? Please comment below.

Cheers, Brent

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