What I love about landscape photography

Have you guys ever wondered why I chose to go into landscape photography?
The answer is simple: I love being in nature.

In our increasingly busy lives, it is easy to become distracted with where you need to be tomorrow or what happened yesterday, which often creates stress.

For me, landscape photography is the perfect prescription for stress.

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In this episode:

(00:20) – Why I love being in nature.
(00:40) – Why being disconnected is good.
(00:50) – My ‘woo-woo’ moment.

Being present and the power of landscape photography

Most of us experience stress in our normal day-to-day lives with work, relationships and the constant bombardment of notifications and distractions.

Being in nature gives you an opportunity to push the “reset” button, to disconnect from the busyness of everyday life. And landscape photography provides this refreshment of grounding yourself in the present moment.

When you’re in nature focusing on the beauty that surrounds you – the animals, the fresh air, the water (in this case), the sights, the sounds…the landscape – it gives you a chance to restart, unwind, and be present.

When you enjoy what you are photographing, not only are you enjoying the moment, but you are capturing that peacefulness and beauty to share with others.

This is why I love landscape photography

For me, it’s my way of destressing and calming my mind, just like meditation.

Want to try it?

Take some time to live in the moment and embrace life as it is. Grab your camera and venture into nature to immerse yourself in landscape photography and find yourself again.


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  • Life can be stressful & we all need to de-stress occasionally
  • Best medicine for stress is to get into nature
  • When you are shooting images, you are truly in the present moment
  • Hit the “reset” switch in your life – shoot landscape photography
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    I’m interested in your opinion

    What is your favorite aspect of landscape photography?
    Leave me a comment below! I would love to hear from you!

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