These bird photography tips come to you from the Outback of Australia.

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Tips in Photographing Birds


I’m in the Outback of Australia. I’m at this little town where they’ve got some water and they feed the birds (it’s very dry out here and there is no food or water, so they flock to the small settlements). There were like a million birds behind me – they will probably come back in a minute. I want to give you a couple of tips that I use to photograph birds:


Use a Long Lens – The first one is, you definitely need to have the right equipment. You need a long lens – a lens that can zoom in quite close to the birds because they’re quite small. I have a 400mm Telephoto lens.

Fast Shutter Speed – You’d also want to shoot at a very fast shutter speed; about 1/500th, 1/800th, or 1/1000th of a second. 

Bird Photography


So, those are simple tips for photographing birds when it comes to equipment and shutter speed. I shoot on shutter priority (Tv) at about 1/800th sec with a very long lens. 

IMG_2262 IMG_2214 IMG_2199 IMG_2169 IMG_1474

So, what do you think about these bird photos that I’ve taken? Leave some comments below for your questions. 

This is Brent, have a great day! 

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