I have always wanted to photograph this area around seal rocks, and sugarloaf point lighthouse. We went camping with the family and a few friends for a night at seal rocks holiday park. Didn’t know if the weather would hold out, but it did and we were only rained on in the morning. We hiked up to the lighthouse after 9pm at night, beautiful walk through the overhanging trees, and finally up the hill to where the lighthouse sits. Most of these were shot with an exposure of over 2 minutes, and I had the chance of running down and adding some light to the right hand side of the lighthouse with my led torch (blue light). The full moon illuminated the structure so much that some of these images look like daylight.

Do you prefer the black and white or colour images? I haven’t made up my mind yet? I do like the arty look of these images…more long exposure landscapes will be coming over the next few months.

I did manage to sneak in a surf the next morning in front of the holiday park, really good right hander off the point.

Enjoy. Brent

Image above is backlit by the full moon. The one below is of my friend – Harlan trying to stay still while I took the torch and lit him up from behind the the stair railing, lots of fun!!!


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