Here are more tips for photographing birds. Thanks for all the comments from the first Bird Photo Tips.

Highlights from this video:
0:08 Sun Vs. Shade
0:31 Side Vs. Front On
0:50 Low Vs. High

Tip1: Sun vs. Shade

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Try to get the birds into the sun. Photographing birds in the sun looks so much better than when they are in the shade , because you get to catch more light into the bird’s eyes and all the colors seem to come out.

Tip2: SideOn vs. Front On

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Another one is try to photograph on the bird’s side. It looks a lot better especially when you capture its head facing the side and you get the one eye looking at you. You can also see the bird’s beak in this angle. It looks a lot better than when you photograph them facing straight. 

Tip3: Low vs. High

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The third tip for photographing birds is, try to photograph them when they are on the ground. Get low on the ground -and try to get the bird while its facing on the side – instead of when they’re on the tree. When they’re up there, there will be some back light – the sun, the light, or the sky is behind the bird and they really do not look good, especially if you have to overexpose the image and the sky become totally white. 

So those are the 3 tips for photographing birds:

  1. Shoot in the sun, not in the shade
  2. Shoot side on, not head on
  3. Shoot on the ground, not on the trees

If you learned something from these tips, please leave a comment below. 

This is Brent, have a great day!

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