This photography quicktip will save your tripod!

In this blog & video, find out why it’s not a good idea to mix.

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Highlights of this video:

0:30 – I’m in New Zealand – standing in the mud!
0:40 – How to save your tripod
0:50 – GoPro stabilization tips

How to save your tripod

If you are out in the mud, shooting amazing landscape photography like I was at Lake Wanaka in New Zealand, with Jay and Varina filming our Behind the Lens Course then this is what you should do when you pack-up your equipment, and leave the area.

  • Leave about an inch of space on the bottom leg of your tripod.
  • Don’t get the grime and mud get into the locking mechanism – not good.
  • Wash off the lower leg of your with fresh water as soon as you can.
  • Leave your tripod to dry
  • Then pack-up your tripod and store in dry place

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