I love Noosa.

This must be one of the most picturesque places in Australia. The weather has been perfect in Queensland since I flew here a few days ago, warm and not a cloud in the sky…. until today. I have been soaking up the sun and warmth all week.


Got up early, went for a run around the national park to take in all that Noosa has to offer. I ended up running (well, walking most of the time) with other early-rises, along the beach, board-walk  footpath….straight to the coffee shop. With the relatively warm weather, there were people out having brekkie and relaxing at the outdoor cafe’s and coffee shops on Hastings Street. You know what they say….”when in Rome  do as the Romans do” so I had to give one or two of them a try….glad I did:)

Noosa and the surrounding area has been photographed to death, there are postcards everywhere with beautiful images of this area. I wanted to show this place in a different light, using my own style – slow shutter/moody images, most of them shot as black and white in camera. I have included one colour image.

I would love some feedback from the readers of this blog. What do you prefer? b&w or colour? Please add your reply below. I will post more b/w or colour images depending on the response.

Long Exposure:

If you are interested in this style of photography, called Long Exposure Photography, click here:

Look forward to flying back home to Port Stephens tomorrow. Enjoy. Brent

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