Hi guys! I’m in Tropical Queensland in a resort town called Port Douglas. It’s a beautiful place that has been photographed probably millions of times already. This is how I photograph it differently.

Highlights from this video:
0:06 Port Douglas Resort at Tropical Queensland
0:44 Normal Exposure Image
0:46 Long Exposure Image
1:05 More Long Exposure Videos

How to Photograph Port Douglas Differently?

Okay, so how can you photograph something differently that has been done for a million times by a million other people? Well, it’s called long exposure. Below is a normal (faster 1/10th second) exposure image, look at the clouds.

Normal Exposure (1/10th sec)


Have a look at the normal exposure or the faster exposure that I photographed above.  Nothing special right?

Click on these image to see them BIG!

Long Exposure (90 seconds)


What I’ve done here is, I’ve got my camera and I’ve got all the filters on the front of my lens.  I’m photographing the same scene but I’m doing it as a long exposure – 90 seconds thats 1 and 1/2 minutes long.  Compare this long exposure image above to the previous one – which one do you prefer?

Well for me, I prefer the long exposure just because it’s more arty. For me, there’s something about it that really captures the spirit of this place and I love the cloud movement and the lack of people in the image.

More Long Exposure Videos

If you’re interested in this long exposure photographs and how I actually do them, check out the  long exposure videos from my website. 

Please leave a comment below for your questions. I’ll get back to you soon. 

Brent here, have a great day! 

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Here are a few more – compare the long exposure image to the faster one.



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