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Inspire – Zenith Beach last light beauty.
Create – A killer Lightroom CC or 6 tip that opens up a whole new world of creative opportunities using the Lightroom tools.

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Johny & Brent

Time Codes & Video Highlights:
(00:40) Recent events in Johny’s life
(1:06) Brand new FREE post processing course for Lightroom CC and/or Lightroom 6
(1:31) How to get the course FOR FREE!!!
(1:55) Over cooking and over sharpening the image
(2:16) All the biggest problems people might encounter in post processing
(2:34) Save a lot of time and frustration in avoiding the mistakes
(3:18) Hacking post processing for ten days
(3:54) Johny inspires us with one of his amazing creations
(6:29) Something that changed Lightroom for the good

Show Notes
Share, Inspire and Create

  • You don’t have to travel far for a landscape photography
  • Your local area might be exotic to others around the world.
  • Use the brush tool of the Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6 to take away the effect of the graduated filter.
  • You can also use the radio filter to take away the graduated filter effect.
  • Leave the mask on to make it look a little bit bigger.
  • Use the radio filter as a bit of a spotlight in the image.



Johny: Hey Guys, what’s up? It’s Johny here and still sitting once again and welcome to another episode of the SIC show. As always, I’m here with my main man B. How are you Brother?

Brent: I’m tall today. I’m looking down at you.

Johny: Oh bloody; this week on the show I’m going to share with you something free that you must go and get right now.

Brent: And Johny is going to inspire us with an amazing image of a local beach really close and he’s going to teach us some Lightroom six ninja tips.

Johny: Let’s get into it, Bro.

Brent: Enjoy!

Johny’s FREE Lightroom and Photoshop Course

Brent: Alright, Johny. So, share with us something that’s happened in your life recently.

Johny: Oh my god. Other than my broken ankle which you probably know about it because I talked about it every show since I broke it.

Brent: That’s why he’s shorter than me.

Johny: Yeah, you know, sort of an epic fail. Anyway, I want to talk to you Guys about something that I have been working on. It’s been extremely, extremely hard. It’s been three months in the work, isn’t it?

Brent: Yeah.

Johny: I have got a brand new post processing course that covers Lightroom and Photoshop tips. It’s absolutely epic. I’ve put so much effort on this thing and I’m super pumped. A few hundred people have taken it already and the feedback has been absolutely epic. Man, do you know what else? It’s just so fulfilling to give something away and people will actually benefit from it or I can help people with it and vice-versa.

Brent: So, what’s in this course Buddy? And how do they get it?

Johny: How do you get it? Man, you’ve got to click the link below and you just pop your email in and you’ll get started. The beautiful thing is we send it out every day and you get a new message for about ten days. A short bond size message around five or ten minutes each so you don’t get overwhelmed. Each lesson is a quick win for you. So, the problem with post processing is, there’s a number of big problem people run into. You know, over cooking the images, over sharpening, doing the wrong output for the web, I mean, there’s enough number of big problems people face particularly when they’re learning post processing and if you don’t know about them then you’re just going to make a mistake ‘till one day someone is going to say “Hey, have you ever thought about doing this differently that’s going to fix that?”, and so, I’ve given you all the information, all the biggest, biggest problems people may, including myself. I’ve made all these problems.

Brent: I’ve overcooked my images.

Johny: Yeah, I’ve over sharpened my images and I’ve used the wrong settings for the web and you know, ten other things I’ve been doing wrong. So, I’m going to give you exactly what you need to do to produce natural looking landscape images and I’m super pumped about it.

Brent: And you’re going to save a lot of time and frustrations because you’re not going to make
these mistakes. That’s it!

Johny: Yeah, that’s totally it, Man. It’s going to save you the time and you’re going to keep doing the same mistakes.

Brent: There we go.

Johny: Anyways.

Brent: So you have one email a day; for how many days?

Johny: It’s ten days.

Brent: Okay, cool.

Johny: Only ten days, you know. And like I said, bit size of chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Brent: You can get it finished in five minutes or something?

Johny: Yeah, five to ten minutes. There’s a couple that’s a little bit longer because the post processing, it can get really overwhelming. There’s so much there but the beautiful thing about this course Man is it just shows you exactly what you need to know. It doesn’t cover absolutely everything you can do in post processing. It just shows you what you need to know. Just the key essential things.

Brent: So it’s like hacking post processing really?

Johny: It is. Just like that.

Brent: It’s the four hour work week.

Johny: Probably like hacking once a week. But it does cover both Lightroom and Photoshop. So, I’ve gone through a lot of effort to make sure I cover both features in both software because it’s still really, really popular. Even though I’m a huge fan of Lightroom, Photoshop is still necessary for a lot of things.

Brent: It is.

Johny: So, I’ve covered both. So grab it, check it out, send me some feedback and become better at your processing.

Brent: Awesome!

Johny: Cool, Man!

The Last Light Beauty of Zenith Beach

Brent: Alright, Buddy, inspire us with one of your most amazing creation.

Johny: Alright, Man, this is one of my favorite spots in Port Stephens. This is the beach and that’s Tamarind Mountain. Check out that image, Man. So, you can see by the time I was there, the sun was still fairly high in the sky. It was low, okay. But it haven’t set yet and I’m shooting away from the sun so this scene is frankly okay. So, you can see the nice orange Tamarind Mountain and that beautiful blue in the sky and a pinky, orangey thing in the clouds is just amazing, Man.

Brent: Have you got shadow on the foreground?

Johny: Yeah, so, there’s shadow. Well, basically because there’s a big mountain behind it. But, it’s just the sun and is sort of going down half over there behind me but still shadowing is all right here. So, anyway Guys, I just wanted to talk about this image because mainly, this is one of my favorite spots and as you Guys know, it’s been about eight weeks now since I’ve been able to get out and I’m hanging to get out there. Images like this that I go back and love to key in the spot there. So, not only I’ve been creating along with my free course as we’ve just talked about, I’ve got to try and keep myself inspired somehow because I can’t even walk and there’s no way I can get to this location on crutches.

Brent: And I’m not carrying you.

Johny: Nah, nobody is thinking about carrying me. Anyway, that’s enough story. Anyway, I just wanted to share this awesome image and this is only processed in Lightroom and one tip is when you shoot away from the setting sun. So, the dynamic range is a lot more even. I haven’t had to bracket, I’ve got all these in one capture and you can see it’s a beautiful time. It’s a great time of the day and even a slightly long exposure there. So Man, I just love this image and I just can’t wait to get back out there and shoot again.

Brent: Man, I want to go shooting with you. Now, this beach is really close to where we are now.

Johny: Yup, it is!

Brent: It’s a three minute drive there.

Johny: And even though I’ve seen it a thousand times, I’ve probably showed it two thousand more. Man, I love this place and another tip too, Man. You don’t have to have exotic location around your place. Often, the location that is closest to you is exotic for someone else.

Brent: Yeah.

Johny: So when you, just you know, I tell you what. Every time I go to this beach, Man, it’s different. I see something different every time I go there. So, I never get tired of going to this location and it just keeps me inspired time and time again.

Brent: It’s one of my favorite portrait photography locations too.

Johny: Hot tip for the B man! Go on, so that’s it!

Brent: Awesome!

A Killer Lightroom Tips to Creative Opportunities Using the Lightroom Tools

Brent: Alright, Buddy. So, teach us something that we don’t know.

Johny: I will, Man. I will. I’m definitely going to. And I’m going to stick with the post processing thing. Guys, this is something new; Lightroom CC or Lightroom 6. Depending on what version you’ve got and I absolutely love this feature. It’s something that really changed Lightroom forever. For the good, I’ll say for the good. Okay, so the sky is already pretty darkened down as in this image, okay. I’ve already obviously dropped the graduated filter but I want to show you Guys, anyway. So, when I put this on, it’s going to look a little bit wacked but don’t worry it’s just for the tutorial. I wouldn’t leave it there. Anyway, let’s get into it, Bro. So, say I want to darken down the sky, okay. It will light down here but the problem is you’ve got this mountains sticking out.

Brent: Yeah, what do you do?

Johny: Yeah, what do you do? Exactly! So, I’m going to get the graduated tool. I’m going to drop it down on this, Man.

Brent: From the top to bottom.

Johny: Top to bottom, yeah! Don’t worry. It’s going to look over darked but don’t stress Guys. Do not stress.

Brent: I’m not stressing.

Johny: And so, it’s actually exaggerated like crazy and you can see what’s happening. It’s affecting the top of the mountain there. So what do you do? How do you adjust that? So, in the old school days we would knock out the shadows and hope that there would be enough to bring it back and you can see because I’ve over exaggerated there. In fact, it’s not enough.

Brent: It’s not. It’s so dark.

Johny: So, what I’m going to do, I’m going to hit the “okay”,okay. And it’s going to show me where my graduated filter is affecting, okay. And what’s new in Lightroom 6/Lightroom CC is the brush tool. So, if I hit the brush tool, I actually get to brush away the effect of the graduated filter. Now, you could do this in the radio filter as well. It becomes really, really powerful. So, all I’m going to do down here is go to “erase” and I’ll hit the brush while I’m still in that filter. So, here; erase here. I’m going to leave the mass on. It’s going to make it look a little bit bigger and I can just paint around here. You can see what’s happening. It’s removing the graduating filter on top of that mountain there.

Brent: Okay.

Johny: So, I’ll paint that out and it’s all gone. I’m going to hit close.

Brent: So, your fly is on 90%. You’re feather is in?.

Johny: Sorry about that. Feather, I like to feather right out but then I actually use auto mask then you’re going to see it’s done a pretty good job with masking down the top of the mountain there.

Brent: Yeah.

Johny: So, Guys, that’s it. Use the brush tool. This is just one example of where you can use it. There are many examples. One of it during at work recently is I love to drop a radio filter over people as like a bit of a spotlight and add a bit of waltz in that section but often we don’t want the waltz to bleed out too far. So, even though the radio filter is faded, I’ll go back in and I’ll paint the areas. I don’t want it to be warmed up. Say, behind the people. So, there’s plenty of ways to use this brush tools. I mean, you can get extremely creative. Obviously, this one looks really bad and I’m going to delete it because that’s making me very, very sad. And it looks a lot better.

Brent: Yeah.

Johny: But there you go, Guys. So, check it out. If you haven’t upgraded to Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC, Man, I highly recommend you Guys go and grab it. I’m not affiliated with Adobe at all but I highly recommend it for $9.95/$9.99 a month and you get the latest Photoshop raw and Lightroom CC. It’s the best deal out.

Brent: Yeah.

Johny: Seriously, I absolutely love it. Cool, Man!

Brent: Well, thank you! Thanks, Johny! I really like that, Man. I’m going to try and use that. I haven’t done that yet.

Johny: Yeah, really? A cool tip my man, if you’ve been ringing around other features you’ve probably seen this but this is something! I do it all the time now. I really love it because it just gives you that more finer control in your Lightroom unless if you have a Photoshop and mask things around.

Brent: I think one day, we’re not going to need Photoshop.

Johny: It’s getting really close, Man. To be honest, I only go to Photoshop for major pixel moving now and I’ve got to really blend. But I tell you what, shooting with the high range cameras with the megapixels I can pull back in most of those. It’s usually highlights. You don’t want to close the shadows down too much because of the noise. But you’ll find that balancing act when you’re out shooting between cross shadows with the blown out highlights and often, you know, 90% of the time now I’m pulling back images with the highlighters and I take out the shadows and getting it well balanced without having to blend.

Brent: Good.

Johny: Cool, Man! It’s been another epic show. I hope you Guys enjoyed it. Check out my free course because I’m super pumped about it.

Brent: Yeah! And thanks Johny for sharing how you created those image and the masking.

Johny: Yeah, Man! Well, it’s actually an erasing effect.

Brent: Erasing, yeah! I call it masking because I’m old school.

Johny: Yeah! I hope you enjoyed the show. As always, pop over to itunes and leave us a rating. We absolutely love that in the show and leave us some feedback below because we love that too!

Brent: Yeah! And grab Johny’s free course!

Johny: Do it, Man!

Brent: Awesome! ‘Till next week!

Johny: Bye!

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