How to become a more efficient photographer

In today’s show, Johny and I talked about a place called Wagga Wagga. Johny photographed 800 images in 30 locations within only in 2 days in this place! Johny will share with us what to do when you’re in the same situation, how to be a more efficient photographer.

Find out also our behind the scenes on our brand new course Mastering Shutter Speed: a 6-week course. It’s fun!

Checkout – Mastering Shutter Speed: 6 Week Guided Photography Course

Enjoy! Brent & Johny

In this episode:
(02:04) – Tips on shooting with so little time
(08:32) – New Course: Mastering Shutter Speed
(19:48) – Photo Assignment/Challenge
(23:57) – Tips on how to critique images
(24:39) – Formula for critiquing images
(27:01) – The extra bonus on the course


Episode Highlights:

Mastering Shutter Speed Course: HERE>>>

Tips on shooting with so little time:

  • Do not overshoot
  • Know your camera back to front
  • Know how to work the scene in any light
  • Know which way to shoot

New Course: Mastering Shutter Speed

  • Fun and inspiring course
  • Be guided over a 6 week period
  • Have access to the instructions
  • Each week a new set of video will be given
  • Consuming the course with other students at the same time



Photo Assignment/Challenge

  • Take your skills that you’ve learnt from the course
  • Apply them and go out and create your own image
  • Post it in the community
  • Be getting some constructive feedback in the community

Tips on how to critique images:

  • No negative criticism
  • Positively encourage them
  • Tell them how to get better
  • Don’t cut people down

Formula for critiquing images:

  • Find out what you like about the image
  • Find out what you think could’ve done better might help the image
  • 1 positive thing (1-3 tips to improve the image) then finish with something positive(The Sandwich Critique method)

The extra bonus on the course:

  • Get 4 weeks access in the lounge
  • Get access on all other courses
  • Complete access on everything in the lounge

Mastering Shutter Speed Course: HERE>>>



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Cheers, Brent

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