Learn Abstract Photography and Dragging The Shutter

Today, we talked about surfing and how a small change has made a huge result in my life. I am going to discuss how you can apply this personal experience of change to your photography. Johnny also talked about abstract photography, dragging the shutter and the behind the scenes stories from our brand new course Mastering Shutter Speed.

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Enjoy!! Brent and Johny.

In this episode:
(01:33) – Something interesting about surfing you can apply to photography
(05:30) – How surfing relates to photography
(05:58) – BTS – Mastering Shutter Speed
(06:45) – Creating abstract and dragging the shutter
(13:08) – What you get from this awesome course
(16:12) – The big take away


Episode Highlights:

Mastering Shutter Speed Course: HERE>>>



Something interesting about surfing you can apply to photography

  • Been surfing for 20 years
  • An average surfer
  • Surfer friend pops up differently
  • So much speed on the take off
    • Turn fingers inward
    • Instead wide hand push up but do a narrow hand push up
  • Change one little thing by increasing speed during take off

Surfing and your photography

  • Doing photography for a long time
  • Think you’re doing something right all along
  • Someone showed you something new
  • You try and apply it
  • You can have a huge transformation happen in your photography

Awesome new course – Mastering Shutter Speed

  • You pick something from the course that you’re doing regularly
  • Try something new and different
  • You can have a huge result


Creating abstract and dragging the shutter

  • You’re moving the camera
  • Camera is not locked down on a tripod
  • Adding artificial flash
  • Freezing part of the motion
  • Blurring the rest

What you get from this amazing course – Mastering Shutter Speed

  • Consume it over 6 weeks with other students in the community
  • Get an assignment where you can submit your images and put them in the community and get some positive feedback
  • You’ll be guided to make sure that you’ll get the most out of it to become a better photographer
  • BONUS from the course
    • After the 6 weeks you’ll have full access to the community (lounge)
    • Different new courses on photographing kids and learning Lightroom
    • So may other courses and material that opens up
    • Get access to the second assignment


The big take away from photography

  • Do not compare yourself to other people
  • Get into a group of people at the same level as you
  • Have some instructors to guide you
  • It’s all about the experiences and journey
  • There’s always something new to learn
  • Enjoy the road and the journey
  • Don’t let your past drive you now
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The Ultimate Guide to Shutter Speed in Photography

Photographing the night sky - you'll need a very sturdy tripod

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Cheers, Brent

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