Have you ever been to a famous place – like Port Douglas in Tropical Queensland, at the Great Barrier Reef – and you’ve gone to a certain spot where everyone takes photos from? Sometimes, you need to actually go somewhere else to get the best shots. Get away from all the other tourists.

Highlights from this video:
0:29 Obvious place
1:12 Change of Scene

Obvious Place (might not be the best shot!)

Okay, so what do I mean about not going to the obvious places to get your photographs? Well, have a look at these photos that I got from up at the headland, where all the tourists go. It’s a parking lot and there’s a lot of activity there.  Notice that below me, when I was photographing this image, there’s construction happening down there; they’re probably building a new house, or hotel, or resort. It’s NOT the best photo.

IMG_1379TouristView IMG_1372TouristView 

Change of Scene (to get a better photo)

So, what I’ve done is, I’ve driven down the headland and  parked down at the beach. I then hiked up with all my camera gear and found a new spot to take photos. I took some photos with my wide-angle lens and I took some long exposure shots. Have a look at these and tell me if these images are better than the ones taken in the most obvious place (where everyone else took theirs).


What do you think? Are they better? Leave your comments down below.

Brent here, have a great day. 

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