Fujifilm X-T1 Image Edit in Lightroom

Watch the following video on how to post process this image in lightroom.

Highlights of this video:

0:42 – SIC Lounge assignment – Capturing Details
1:11 – Fujifilm X-T1 mirror-less camera
2:26 – Choosing the best shot
3:28 – Lightroom post processing magic
7:45 – Isolating the point of interest
10:35 – The final image


Milk or Wave Spray?

In this lesson you will learn how to post process this image I took with the Fujifilm X-T1 camera and the Fujinon 50-140mm f2.8 lens (beautiful camera and lens BTW).
I photographed wave spray while standing on top of a cliff, as the waves smashed against the cliff and the foam flew up towards me. Do not try this at home! (the photography part – it’s ok to do the post processing at home 🙂 )
Does it look like milk to you? Click on this image to see it large!

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