Get what you wanted?

Did you get the latest Sony, or Nikon or Canon? How about a quadcopter or gopro?
What did you want for Christmas? Is it photography related? Did you get it? I hope so.

But have you ever considered photography as a gift?
To me, giving is way more important than receiving!

What did I give?

My brother and his family have moved into a new home, and they wanted something special to decorate their walls. We both grew up in Africa, and they loved the images I took the last time I was there – of the zebra, near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, here is the blog I wrote about this image.


Here is the final print – just got it back from the framers, it’s huge!
This is my gift to Chad, Shar, Annabel and Aiden. I think they are going to love it.

Print one of your photo’s – BIG!

Sometimes, in this digital photography era, we forget to print our work. Everything is viewed on a small electronic display and these images get lost amongst all the other images. Are they really appreciated at that small size?

When I first got into photography, I would take my best images and print them as large as I could. I still have a few of them on my walls at home. That way everyone can appreciate your photography – right?

Why not take one of your best images – print it as large as you can, and then give it away? Give the gift of your photography to someone who will appreciate it forever.


What if you have nothing to give?

No problem – I’ve got that covered too. If you feel that maybe you are not quite there with your photography or you have not captured that special moment yet, then don’t worry, why not give my image to someone else?

My gift to you! (go ahead and print it too)

I believe in giving. It’s the right thing to do, not just during the holiday season but all the time. So, I’m going to give you this zebra image, so that you can print it out, put it into a frame and enjoy it (or even give it away to someone you know).
I have taken the original, and re-sized it so that you can take this image to the printers and print out an 8×12 inch print. (please don’t ask me to re-size this image – it is what it is)

This is my way of saying – THANKS, for following my photography training, and investing in my courses. It’s people like you that give me the freedom to create these photography courses to teach others how to take beautiful images. I love to teach and help others achieve their goals too.

Download this ZEBRA print – Personal use only

Simply Click on This Link – fill in your details and download this image. Remember, this image is for you, or as a gift to a friend, for personal use only (not for commercial use – you may not sell it or use it for advertising etc, the copyright is still mine – please play fair. Thx. B)
Click this image to grab this print for free!

Please share the love! Share this post with a friend and spread the good will. Comment below and let me know what you have given over the past 12 months. B

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