How to make your Landscape Photo’s POP! Use Filters

Hi Guys, In this post you’ll learn about photography filters and deciding which one to use when you’re photographing a landscape scene to make your images POP! 

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Highlights of this video:

0:33 – Photographing without filters
1:11 – Photographing with circular polarizing filter
2:01 – Photographing with 3 stop neutral density filter
2:39 – Photographing with 10 stop neutral density filter

How to create those magical landscape images

Really, it all boils down to the feeling or emotion that you are trying to convey with your photography.
I love the moody, long exposure images where the water looks like milk and the clouds streak across the sky. To create that kind of an image I need to shoot the scene with a few different filters.
Let have a look at how filters effect the same scene, shot at f/16 at the same focal length.

No Filters & Circular Polarizing Filter

These next two images show what a circular polarizing filter does. The first image has no filter attached, and looks a little dull and lifeless. The 2nd image has a cirular polarizing filter attached – it takes the glare out of the water and the sky.
This filter makes the colours really pop out a lot more. Much better!

3 Stop Neutral Density Filter

Here I used 3 Stop Neutral Density Filter with one second shutter speed to capture the details of the activity in the water when the waves hit the rocks. Little swirls are visible – take a look.

10 Stop Neutral Density Filter (WINNER!)

This is the image that I like the most. Here I used a 10 Stop Neutral Density Filter with a very long shutter-speed. This is the image that makes coming to a place like this, worth it for me.
Love these long-exposure images!
What do you think? See how changing filters can create massive impact on your photograph?

Feel free to leave a comment below. I love hearing from you!


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