Hey guys! Firstly, I'd like to greet you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks to you

I hope you're all having a good one. I'd like to thank everybody who has followed me on YouTube . Everybody who has watched my free Photography Training videos, especially those who have invested their time in these videos. Thank you very much and I do believe that they are helping you become a better photographer. 

0:24 Big thanks!

0:47 New photography training videos

1:02 What photography training videos do you want next?

1:21 My gift for you!

New Photography Training Videos Coming Soon

I've been working on many new photography training videos. I've got a model training series where we pose models; how I use a flow posing technique. 

Here's a sample image from the model training series that we did just for you – Christmas them. Do you like it?

I'm also working on how to photograph kids in a narural way where you can get those beautiful images of kids just playing and being themselves.

Your Feedback

I need your feedback. I really need your help. I want to know what you want me to train you on next. What photography training videos would you like to see me produce next. Please comment below on which video you want next and I will make them for you. 

Special Gift: DSLR Camera Buyer's Guide

I also got a little gift for you. It's almost ready. It's a Buyer's Guide for your next DSLR camera. I should have that out maybe just after Christmas, for when you get all those discounts after Christmas, this should be the perfect book for you to read for you to know which camera to get. 

Hot Aussie Christmas Here

Anyway, I hope you had a great time watching my videos this year. It's pretty warm over here in Australia, I'm gonna go swimming with the kids. I just want you all to have a safe Christmas with your loved ones and your friends. Be safe and take many many photos. 

Don't forget to comment below. I reply to most comments. Have a Great Day!


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