Hey guys, last week I broke a key piece for photography that I use everyday. Do you wanna know what it is? Do you think it’s possibly my beloved Canon camera? Or maybe my 85mm lens? Or how about my polarizing filter?

Highlights from this video:
0:05 Broken key photography equipment
0:29 I broke my thongs!
0:43 My old thongs
1:05 My new shoes
1:55 Business attire
2:20 Where should I get my next pair fo thongs?
2:43 Next  Episode

Out With The Old

Well, it’s none of that. It’s actually pretty funny. It’s my shoes that I wear everyday! I’ve been wearing them for two years. I had them repaired a number of times, but they finally had enough. And I think they are ready for the bin.

These are my old thongs as we call them in Australia – flip flops in the rest of the world. This one over here has been broken a number of times. I had it repaired to my friend down the road who does some handyman work and he has repaired it a couple of times, but I think it’s finally broken. It’s time for these thongs to get thrown away.


In With the New

I’ve replaced them with another pair of shoes. They are thongs, also. They’re made out of plastic and they’re not quite as good as the other one. The other one I use to walk in ocean, in sea water, on rocks, on the sand so that I don’t bury my feet. I meet clients with it. I would do ordering presentations. Basically, I run my whole photgraphy business with those thongs on for probably, ten months of the year. I even had a bet with one of my friends and told him I’m going to run a full year of photography business without ever wearing closed shoes. I did it for just about two months, but in winter, it got a little cold so I needed to wear closed shoes.

Thongs 3

Photo-Business Attire

This is the attire that I basically wear everyday when I’m out photographing clients because I’m mainly photographing at the beach. Sometimes, at the studio, but 80% of the time on the beach, or in the bush, or somewhere outdoors. Except when I shoot weddings, I wear something a little bit different. But anyway, I thought I’d share something funny with you.

Where Should I Get My Next Pair?

Where do you think I should get my next pair of thongs that will last me another two years? Do you want to send me a pair? I mean, if you love what I’m doing. I wear a US size 10, which you can mail to the address that I will post down below. If you’d like to send me a pair, that would be great.

18 Robinson Street, Anna Bay, NSW 2316, Australia (down-under)

My Next Videos

Anyway, in the next episode, I’ll probably do a couple more photography tips.Please leave a comment on this blog of where you think I should get  my next pair of thongs and I’ll reply to all your comments. Have a great day!



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