Hey guys, I’ve got a news update for you. I took a trip to Sydney yesterday to meet a few photographers and I want to tell you why I did it. And also, I’ve got a question for you at the end of this video/blog.

Highlights from this video:
0:02 News Update
0:30 Bondi Beach
0:33 Meeting Colby Brown and Other Photographers
1:16 Two Questions


Long Drive to Sydney – to meet Photographers

So I took a trip to Sydney; it’s about a 6-hour roundtrip for me. I went to meet a few photographers. I had a photowalk in Sydney  at Bondi Beach. Colby Brown, one of the photographers I follow online and he’s also someone from my dreamboard. Do you remember my dreamboard? I finally met him. It goes to show that when you write something down, it’s really going to happen.

Anyway, I drove a long way to meet these photographers. The reason why I did it is to network a little bit. To get to know them, meet them face to face, learn a few things from these photographers, see how they do things differently to me, know what  kind of equipment do they use. I learned so much.


2 Questions for YOU

I’ve got a few questions for you and I do hope you could leave your answers in the comments section of this blog. I actually got two question because I want to interview a lot of these photographers around the world. My questions are:

  1. Who should I interview first? Who do you want to hear from? Who are the photographers that you want to meet or interview?

  2. What is the one question you want me to ask them? Is it about their equipment? Is it about their style? Is it about the way they market themselves?

Please do leave your answers below.


Have a look at these photos from yesterday. It was great to meet everyone out there. Thanks for stopping by and saying “Hi!” to me.  Everyone I met there are awesome.


I used Long exposure landscape photography in these images. Do you like the?


Anyway, this is Brent, have a great day!

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Don’t forget to leave me your answers to those 2 questions below.

  1. Who should I interview?
  2. What question should I ask?

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