Entertaining New Podcast & Show

Hey guys, I’m super excited to announce our brand new podcast!

Highlights from this video:

0:10 – Brand New Podcast
0:15 – Why SIC show? [Exciting new format :)]
0:55 – What is SIC show?
1:30 – How to subscribe to this SIC podcast
1:50 – What to expect from the SIC show
4:10 – My own Share Inspire Create show!

Entertaining new Show

SIC stands for Share – Inspire – Create. This show is all about the person we interview, we ask them 3 simple questions.

  • Share, you share an interesting face about yourself that’s entertianing
  • Inspire us with an image, and tell us the story behind it.
  • Create:  Show us how to create something,. Basically teach us something new.

In short, we Entertain you, Inspire you and you will Learn Something New too. How cool is that


Watch out for these shows!

I am very thrilled because we have lots of amazing shows in store for you. Here is what you can expect soon!

  • An interview with the incredible Varina Patel and her amazing Grand Canyon images & her inner artist (which I find a little creepy).VarinaPatel
  • An interview with Landscape Photographer Extraordinaire Jay Patel about his “magic lens cap”. The one that never gets lost. Plus he shows us how he created this image with a simple “cheap” kit lens. Transient Light, Glacier National Park, MT
  • I will share the story about the 10 people I photographed in under 10 minutes right in the middle of the storm! Yes lightning and thunder is included.
  • This Cannibal Bay image from New Zealand and the amazing story behind it. WR6A3332
  • One Light Photography Studio Photography Setup <—- Photography secrets shared.
  • I interviewed Frederick Van Johnson in San Francisco about his experience taking an amazing air-force photo. He will also share about 4k video and how you can get stills from it. WR6A0955
  • Johny will also share about Macro mushroom shot, how to make it even better.
  • How to re-light an image in lightroom. DSC_9124-2-Edit
  • My MILLION DOLLAR camera. This is the show you can not miss!
  • Clint Burkinshaw, an incredible travel photographer will also share his experience taking pictures of a volcano in Africa, and hiring is own private army to get to this place!ErtaAle-Clint

Sign up now!

So go over to Share – Inspire – Create now, sign up (you can also sign up through iTunes in video and audio), and check out the shows!

What do you think? Leave me comments below. Brent

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