March Update: Met Colby Brown too, read more


Febuary Update: Yesterday I met 2 of the people on my dreamboard – Dave Jenyns and Pete Williams. If you write it down you will make it happen!

New Years Resolutions

Hi guys! Today I’m going to show you what I have done for my New Year’s resolution; I have created a dreamboard.

Every year during this time, I run through everything I want to achieve for the entire year and I’ve put together something I call “dreamboard”. Take a look at this video below to see the dreamboard I’ve made and how it will benefit you:

0:07 My dreamboard
0:48 Closer look at my dreamboard
1:01 People I want to meet this year
1.13 Art I want to create
1:30 Travel and photo safari’s
1:49 Kiteboarding – check them out
2:06 My pledge to you
2:38 Connect with me?
2:50 I want your feedback
3:03 Tip about keeping your new years resolutions
3:26 Yoga – my new thing?
3:50 What does your dreamboard look like?


Because my brain works on images, my dreamboard is basically full of images. It goes all the way from health and fitness, income and finances, my family and relationships that I have, the people that I wanna meet, other great photographers in the world that I want to meet, and my teaching advocacy.

The People I Want to Meet This Year

And because I see myself as an artist, I also got a little section on my fine art creations that showcase the things I do with photography to create timeless pieces of art.

The Photo Art I Will Create

Travel Workshops

I also have a section about travel and adventure; I definitely want to travel and see some new places and meet new people. I want to teach people while I’m travelling ; that’s one of the new things that I want to do this year. I want to do travel photos while  travelling Austrlia, Africa and SE Asia and a few Pacific Islands where I’d be teaching and giving photography workshops.

I also included fun and play in my dream board because I love to play and get out there and have fun. Did you spot the images of me kiteboarding?

One New Video Per Week

I’ve also got a New Year’s resolution that I think you guys will be excited about.

I am going to do one brand-new, free video every week about photography tips or something that’s in the news, or basically something that’s interesting about where I live or what I’m doing.

I am also attempting to learn new things. I’m always learning and trying to get better at something new.

Connect With You

One of the things that I really want to do this year is to connect with people, especially to those who are interested in photography. I want to share my knowledge with you and I would really like to connect with you either on Facebook or Google Plus Hangout or maybe on Skype.

I actually want to hear your feedback and see what are the biggest obstacles that you are facing in your photography training.

Let me know your concerns and we’ll see what we can do about them.

New Year’s Resolution Tip: Write Them Down

If you haven’t done your New Year’s resolution yet, one tip that I could give you is to write them down.

Something really amazing happens when you write them down. I can’t put a finger on it but most likely, they would come true, especially if you put them out there and let people see them and hear about them. This makes it more accountable to get your resolutions done.

Something I Want to Do – YOGA

And one little funny thing that I want to attempt this year is, and I think you guys would laugh but that’s okay.

Here it is, I want to do yoga three times a week, maybe? You know, just to stretch out  and get my body supple again. I think my body has tightened up after years of surfing, and running, and squash. I want to really get supple again and I want to learn how to relax a little bit more.

Please do share your Dreamboard with me if you got one. I would really love to see what you have. I want to hear about your resolutions, especially if it pertains to photography or creating images.

Don’t forget to comment below. I reply to most comments. Have a Great New Year. Brent

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