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What is in this awesome mini-course?

This course is for all photographers: Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner photographer, intermediate or advanced, there is something in here for you. Below is a list of what you will discover over the next few weeks, plus there is much, much more. I’m adding to this list every week. This is so much fun!

My goal is to get you inspired & equipped with enough knowledge and know-how and to get out there – taking great photos. Photography is meant to be FUN & this course will help you enjoy your photography even more.


It’s for Beginner Photographers:

  • Holding your camera correctly
  • Tripods – which one is right for you
  • Exposure & why it’s so important
  • Lenses – which is the best?
  • Portrait photography outdoors
  • Composition – rule of 3rds
  • Shutter speed – showing movement
  • Which photography filter is best?
  • How to shoot a dancer indoors
  • Using flash outdoors – when you are travelling
  • Composition in a feature movie – lots to learn.
  • Underwater model shoot
  • Printing on a surfboard
  • How many portraits can you shoot in one day?
  • How to prepare for a sunset shoot
  • Tips on photographing kids


Flags and Shutter Speed

and Intermediate & Advanced Photographers:

  • How to edit an award winning print
  • Shooting a model ourtdoors – you will learn a lot here
  • Composition – rule of 3rds & Africa
  • Photographing kids – how to connect?
  • Shutter speed and movement
  • White balance & how your camera can get it wrong
  • Which photography filter is best?
  • Dust dancer – behind the scenes look at this incredible shoot
  • Long exposure landscape photography – I love this!
  • Composition in a movie – and how this will help your photography
  • Underwater model shoot
  • Printing on a surfboard
  • Award winning underwater image
  • What equipment to take to shoot the sunset?
  • How to photograph surfers & action
  • Great barrier reef from below the water



Inspiration & Fun (for everyone):

  • Best images online – why are they so good?
  • How to make an art movie about photography
  • How you can give back to the community with your photography
  • Who is Brent?
  • The most unbelievable sunset image I have ever taken
  • Great barrier reef from below the water

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Tracey loves the easy-to-learn lesson modules, and my casual style of teaching.

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