How to use the power of the Internet to get more customers

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In this PhotoProfit show I interviewed a very special guest. His name is Kyle Tully. He’s a genius when it comes to internet marketing. We talked about how to attract photography clients online and how to get them to your website and how to use social media and Google AdWords to actually get clients to your website and to give you a call. You are going to get a lot of value out of this. Kyle is a really smart marketer.

Also, Kyle actually does all my online paid advertising and marketing. And he’s helped me a lot in my photography business especially with the online stuff. I’m sure you are going to get huge amount of value out of this podcast. This is full of information.

So, sit back and relax. Enjoy this podcast.


In this episode:
02:14 – How to get leads?
03:55 – First step in getting leads
08:29 – Ways to get more leads
10:26 – Cost effectiveness or the benefits
12:01 – Where else to focus your traffic?
13:06 – How to use social media to get leads?
15:22 – How to boost online and get more traffic?



Kyle Tully – Site>>>

Learn about Internet Marketing

How to get leads?

  • set up a website
  • set up a basic offer (whichever you want to sell)
  • use Facebook or Google to start driving traffic to that offer
  • get into the mind of your customer
  • think about what they want/looking for
  • try to build a lead generation offer
  • put one page cheat sheet (Common mistakes people make)

4 Ways to get photography clients:

  1. Get a lead magnet (one page cheat sheet)
  2. Put it up on your website
  3. Create a Facebook post for that content to promote
  4. Boost that post on Google AdWords (remarketing pixel)

Cost effectiveness or the benefits:

  1. You’re marketing to people who are slight warm prospects
  2. You’re marketing people who have at least seen you or your website before
  3. You’re marketing people who know something about you

Where else to focus your traffic?

  1. Look at what specific market you’re in
  2. Think about where else those people hangout
  3. You get your specific targets on AdWords
  4. Think outside the box
  5. Think of who your ideal prospects are

How to use social media to get leads?

  1. No need to be an expert to advertise
  2. 80% not worth your time trying to learn how to master it
  3. Find someone who can do it for you

How to boost online and get more traffic?

  1. Get away from the computer
  2. Go out and take action
  3. Start putting the first piece of the puzzle in place
  4. Start getting the momentum on the strategies

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