How a single mum with 5 kids went from broke to making over $1000 per photo shoot

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My special guest in today’s PhotoProfit is Bernie Griffiths. He’s a photography business coach. He has been in the photography industry for over 40 years and on his 4th year of coaching other photography business owners.

This is a great podcast. We will look at a case study of one of the photographer he coaches and learn from her story. This is a great story if you are just getting going with photography and you are looking for a way to position yourself as the expert photographer in your area. If you’re already running a business and you’re looking at other marketing opportunities on how you can make extra money through Facebook marketing or doing something like pet photography marketing charity, this is also an added bonus for you!

Enjoy! Brent

In this episode:
(02:36) – Being in the photography industry for over 40 years
(05:42) – How coaching works
(06:05) – The Case study of Kimberly Kent:
(07:55) – What needs to be done with Kim?
(11:30) – Why Kim chose Pet Photography?
(11:55) – How to position her as the “go to” pet photographer?
(15:33) – The book project – A dog book
(16:28) – Crafting the pricelist
(19:06) – How Kim do the presentation of the photos
(20:32) – How is Kim doing right now?


Show Notes:

Website to get FREE ebook “ 7 Simple Strategies to a Successful Photography Business” – HERE>>>
Book: “Success Secrets of a Professional Photographer” is available on Amazon: HERE>>>
Another book that Bernie is featured: “Quantum Leap My Life” – HERE>>>
Article in Pro Counter magazine: HERE>>>
Photographers can test drive Bernie’s coaching experience via this link: A Guarantee To Get New Customers – HERE>>>

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Google+: Here>>>

Being in the photography industry for over 40 years

  • At the age of 15 worked as a press photographer
  • At 22 got the dream job as a photographer in a cruise ship
  • Migrate to Australia
  • After 6 months purchased photography business
  • A successful wedding and portrait studio for over 40 years
  • Decided to pass on the knowledge to other photographers
  • Began coaching to photographers for four years now

How coaching works:

  • Work with photographers
  • Photographers who implement what is taught
  • Photographers who take action

The Case study of Kimberly Kent:

  • Pet photographer Kimberly Kent
  • She’s from New Zealand
  • Single mother of 5 kids/boys
  • Pet photographer of Tall Tails Photography
  • Struggling as a photographer

What needs to be done with Kim?

  • Work on her mindset to give her worth and value for work
  • Attracting the right kind of people
  • Position her higher than all the rest
  • Position herself on the market place as the “go to” pet photographer

Why Kim chose Pet Photography?

  • Easier to get pets than people to photograph
  • She felt she had to work with that niche

How to position her as the “go to” pet photographer?

  • She wants to get into the local paper
  • We do a book project – promote a book
  • Invite a local dog charity
  • Put it on Facebook
  • Published in the local paper

The book project – A dog book:

  • Newspaper will inform the people on how they can participate
  • Kim’s details will be put up in the write up in the newspaper
  • Kim will photograph the pets then sell the prints

Crafting the pricelist:

  • Structured price list
  • 4 collections; 1 is the cheapest and 4 is the expensive
  • Sell prints
  • Kim will do a lot of shoots – gain confidence
  • Kim will make time for the family to come back

How Kim do the presentation of the photos:

  • Small room or office
  • Computer, desk, couch and a TV
  • Photos will be displayed on the TV

How is Kim doing right now?

  • Kim progressed fantastically
  • She got overwhelmed
  • The phone didn’t stop ringing
  • She had to all the sessions
  • As her confidence increased, slowly increase the pricelist
  • From a $100 “shoot and burner” to an average sale of $700 to a $1,000

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