How to get clarity and momentum in your photography business and why the traditional business plan is dead!

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Today, my special guest is Corwin Hiebert. He’s a business manager to freelancers’ digital artists and entrepreneurs. Corwin cares about the why and the how of making a life and the living from one’s creativity. He’s a very smart guy. We are going to talk about his business action planner. How this will help our craft to be more efficient and effective through his 8 step formula for planning your photography business. Let’s get on this podcast and start taking action to achieve the best results!


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In this episode:
(02:11) – Why it’s important to have a good business plan/action plan?
(04:32) – Business Action Planner
(06:50) – How a photographer should plan their business
(07:13) – Know who you’re serving (ideal client)
(12:01) – Goal planning
(18:12) – Do a little bit of “SWOT” analysis
(23:41) – Establish and leverage your unique value

Show Notes:
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Why it’s important to have a good business plan/action plan

  • It gives them some complete ways that they can move to their days, week, months
  • They feel like they’re working towards something tangible
  • It’s valuable when you bring a stakeholder into the mix like a business partner
  • Really helpful to convince someone that you’re not crazy
  • Helps them get their work done
  • To breakdown where they want to go with their goals

Business Action Planner:

  • Use “Evernote” as the format
  • It’s a digital tool kit
  • Broken down into 188 action items
  • Attached it to 130 insights

How a photographer should plan their business:

1. Know who you’re serving (ideal client)

  • Make sure what you offer and your talent and your skill connects with the needs and wants of the buyers
  • If you’re going business to business you have to be aware of their brand

2. Goal planning

  • Primary goal – which should consume the next 30 days of your life
  • Secondary goal – goal that you need to get done in the next 3 months
  • Tertiary goal – a 6 month goal

3. Do a little bit of “SWOT” analysis; the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis.

  • Focus on that ONE thing
  • Primary barrier
  • Opportunities are the people

4. Establish and leverage your unique value

  • Your “it” factor (your identity)
  • What’s unique about you and your business
  • Find ways to capitalize that
  • Your expertise and your credibility


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