Why you should help those who are less fortunate, and give back with your photography.

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Today’s show, my special guest are Griffin and Valerie. They are from Colorado in the United States and they run the 5 Day Deal, the big photography deal that happens every year. We’re going to talk about how giving back can help your business and make you a better person.
Griffin and Valerie are super nice people and we talked about giving back to those in need and why you should do it and how it can actually help your photography business.

Listen and enjoy. Brent!

In this episode:
(02:14) – How giving back can help your business
(04:41) – How the 5 Day Deal helped the less fortunate
(09:16) – How giving back makes you a better person
(16:02) – How giving back can help your business
(22:29) – How to find charities to partner with
(24:14) – What can you do to give back?


Episode Highlights:
Griffin and Valerie’s Website – HERE>>>
Donation updates – HERE>>>
General charity page – HERE>>>

Why it’s a good idea to give back to people?

  • You can see the pure joy that can people can have even they have nothing
  • Humbling and amazing to watch and see the impact that others are willing to help

How the 5 Day Deal helped the less fortunate:

  • Last year donated to 4 organizations
    • Flashes of Hope
    • Camp Smile a Mile
    • Boma Project
    • Help Portrait
  • Donated around $220,000 during the sale & raised a total of $250,000

How giving back makes you a better person:

  • Help you with personal budgeting
  • Shows you true joy does not come from owning things
  • Starts you thinking if you all need all those material things
  • Inspires you to give more

How giving back can help your business:

  • If you give or donate a certain percentage it will help you decide to spend less for your business and be more budget conscious
  • It helps you realize by giving and partnering with organizations you see how much less other people have
  • It gives you a different perspective to focus on what you really need for yourself and for your business to be successful
  • People will have a good impression on you if they learned that you’re helping some charities
  • It will draw more attention to the customers if a percentage of your sale will go to the charities

How to find charities to partner with:

  • It’s not easy if these organizations are all doing amazing things
  • We only need to select 4 since we don’t want to overwhelm the people
  • They do get to choose where their portion goes
  • Choose who we think can help the most
  • Choose the biggest impact

What can you do to give back?

  • As a photographer you have a unique skill set to take portraits of people
  • As a photographer you have retouching skills and we can share like teaching another photographer
  • There a lot of different ways to help by giving that does not involve with money
  • You can volunteer on teaching photography at schools

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