Find out why “doing what you love” and integrity are so important.

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Today’s episode, my special guest is Martin Bailey. He runs a successful photography business based in Japan and he leads a worldwide photography tours and workshops. He has written many photography eBooks and has a weekly photo-podcast that’s been running for 11 years!

In this podcast, we will discuss why it’s important to “do what you love” and how you can take one business idea and make that feed into a number of other income generating side-businesses which all feed each other.

We also talk about his “tipping point”, how to get more quality followers, and why brain tumors suck!

Martin gives us some great action steps on how to get going building a self-perpetuating photography business machine!

Enjoy! Brent.

In this episode:
(01:45) – Why is it important to build a self-perpetuating photography business?
(02:41) – Examples of a self-perpetuating photography business machine
(11:41) – What was the “tipping point”?
(18:45) – How to get more quality followers
(26:44) – Action steps on how to build a self-perpetuating photography business machine
(32:37) – Tips on how to go out there and have confidence to start


Episode Highlights:

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Why is it important to build a self-perpetuating photography business?

  • Making a living from photography can be difficult
  • Build a business around doing what you love
  • Have new revenue streams born from what you create

Examples of a self-perpetuating photography business machine:

  • Base business on running tours and education
    • Puts you in the most beautiful locations on the planet
    • Main goal is to help the participants with their own photography
    • Use the images to put into blog and write eBooks
    • Gets the images in front of the people
  • Sell images on Offset (assisted company of Shutterstock)
    • Stock photography
    • Sell images from $200
  • Regular podcasts created the foundation for the tour business
  • Sell fine art prints

What was the “tipping point”?

  • Knew the tours were the center point or the main revenue stream
  • Committed to doing an Antarctica expedition for teaching photography
  • Circumstances at work lead to making the decision to do the Antarctica expedition
  • Took a risk by leaving job and pursuing photography full time

How to get more quality followers?

  • Quality of followers is more relevant than quantity
  • Have some sponsorships, but evaluate the opportunities
  • Maintain integrity
  • Build a lot of trust
  • Interact with followers to create good will and build relationships

Action steps on how to start building a self-perpetuating photography business machine:

  • You’ve got to have an audience
  • Start building a brand
  • Create a reasonably well recognizable logo
  • Figure out how to build an audience
  • Find a way to reach the people
  • Be consistent in reaching out to your audience
  • Be patient when building your audience. It takes time
  • Providing value is really important

Tips on how to go out there and have confidence to start:

  • You need to build confidence by doing it more before you start
  • Find something else if you’re not confident enough
  • It’s really important to talk about what you love
  • Build a market for whatever you are passionate about
  • Feel the fear and do it anyway
  • Growth comes from stepping outside your comfort zone

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