How to get your life back into balance when running your photography business

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Today my special guest is Bryan Caporicci from “The Sprouting Photographer Podcast”. We will talk about “The Lie of Busy” and how to get your life back into balance when running your photography business.

Are you too busy to enjoy the important things in life?

When we start our photography businesses, we try so hard to get things going that once they do start moving along really well, we tend to get too busy in our businesses and forget to focus on what really matters.

Bryan will talk about why this happens and how some photographers hit an overwhelm state and quit their businesses to get a job.

I fell into this busy trap too, and in this podcast I will share what worked for me and how I changed things around to work half the hours and make the same profit.

Lastly, Bryan will share his 3 steps on how to take control of your photography business and stop living this “busy lie”.

Enjoy! Brent.

In this episode:
(01:33) – “The Lie of Busy”
(04:21) – Too busy to enjoy the important things in life
(09:36) – Busy doing things and not making progress
(11:59) – Big mistakes that photographers are making
(22:25) – Simple things you can do for your business
(42:23) – How to get out of being busy


Episode Highlights:

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“The Lie of Busy”

  • Overwhelmed, overworked, overstressed
  • Road blocked to achieving your goal
  • Act of practicing and make improvements
  • Idea of what you focus on
  • Being efficient and productive
  • Focus on one thing and stop focusing on other things

Too busy to enjoy the important things in life:

  • Western culture to be busy
  • Too busy doing unimportant things
  • Forget to think
  • Forget to take time to play
  • Used busy as an excuse
  • Don’t have ownership on their lives
  • How you balance work and life
  • Lack of system and discipline
  • Lack of practice in the art of balancing
  • Don’t mistake motion for progress

Busy doing things and not making progress:

  • Don’t have their heads in the right place
  • Not getting yourself to a place of being open or accepting
  • People don’t realize they’re in the state of busy
  • People don’t realize that they’re doing things

Big mistakes that photographers are making:

  • Not prioritizing what is important to them
  • Being distracted to other things
  • Not asking themselves these questions:
    • “What is more important to me?”
    • “What is my goal?”

Simple things you can do for your business:

  • Having a system or a workflow
  • Find a way to optimize things
  • Free up your mind and time
  • Step outside of being the practitioner in your business
  • Go out there and shoot or sell
  • Find a way to outsource or automate things
  • Have some level of intentionality when running your business
  • Have some studio management software

How to get out of being busy:

  • This this life temporary that thing that you’re telling yourself that you’ll be doing this until when
    • Replace that in your head with the truth of pace
    • Give yourself a time and a space
    • Slow down and take things one step at a time
    • Remember to enjoy the journey
    • Mental space to get yourself into
  • Getting yourself around the idea of Parkinson’s law
    • Giving yourself deadlines, timelines, restrictions
    • Don’t find yourself spilling into everything
    • Give yourself little chunks of focus
    • Put your head down and focus on one thing at a time
  • Get into a space of assigning important things
    • Plan how this big important things are actually going to move you
    • Make sure you have time for each and plan everything else

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