How did Andrew book 6 weddings with a Facebook Ad budget of $40?

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In this podcast I interview Andrew Hellmich who runs a successful portrait and wedding photography business on the central coast of NSW in Australia and he also has his own podcast called Photobiz exposed where he talks to other photography business owners, just like this podcast.

Andrew discovered this Facebook advertising strategy on one of his podcasts and we talk about how he is using it to get more weddings and portrait photography clients.

Andrew shares his secrets of how to put together an effective advert, how to target the right people and then how to convert them into paying clients.

This is a brilliant way to boost your photography business and I think all portrait and wedding photographers should be using this method to get more clients.

Enjoy! Brent.

In this episode:
(01:23) – Facebook Advertising
(01:57) – Why Facebook Advertising is important?
(03:09) – Success in Facebook Advertising
(04:41) – The secret of getting clients on advertising
(22:23) – Action steps for doing Facebook advertising


Episode Highlights:

Website: Here>>>

Facebook Advertising:

  • Got it from another photography coach
  • Targeting portrait clients
  • Targeting engaged couples

Why Facebook Advertising is important?

  • Get people to spend money with you
  • Way of getting traffic
  • Getting the right kind of leads

Success in Facebook Advertising:

  • Booked a bunch of portraits
  • Booked weddings
  • Invest only less than $40

The secret steps of getting clients on advertising:

  • A straight headline appealing to people
  • Naming who you’re after
  • Helping the audience choose themselves
  • 1 or more images on the Ad
  • Try new style of photography
  • Booked more than 8 sessions
  • Shortlist of 12
  • Targeting demographics
  • Call to action
  • Answer the questionnaire
  • Talk over the phone
  • Set a location and meet in person
  • Do the photo shoot
  • Viewing the images
  • Soft sales

Action steps for doing Facebook advertising:

  • Work out who your target client is
  • What you would be photographing with
  • Your Ad will be specific and exclusive as possible as you can
  • Make the Ad appeals to the people that fit the Ad
  • Exclude many people as you can
  • Say what the Ad is for
  • Why you want these people
  • The call to action
  • Need to tell the people what to do
  • Make it easy for them

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