Learn how to be different from the other photographers and how to blow away the competition.

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In this podcast I interview Sarah Petty from Springfield IL, and we talk about how to make your photography marketing work for you.

Sarah is a super-smart marketer and has been running her photography studio for 18 years now. She has written a very good book on marketing and branding for photographers and she teaches photographers how to attract clients, and how to get paid what you are worth.

Sarah talks about the biggest marketing mistake you can make in your business, how to avoid it. What makes you different from the other photographers, how to blow away the competition, how to build your database of people you have relationships with. Plus, Sarah shares a very good tip on how to get past customers back into your studio for another shoot.

I just love the strategy she mentions where you partner up with other businesses in your area and then do an educational workshop for your target customers. That is very smart.

Make sure you grab Sarah’s “21 Ways to Find the right clients” eBook, I’m sure it will help you in your business.

Enjoy! Brent.

In this episode:

(01:56) – How to attract clients
(03:57) – How do we compete with free?
(04:02) – Figure out what makes us different
(14:35) – Go in a BIG picture
(21:37) – Go out and speak to small groups of people
(25:21) – Actions steps


Episode Highlights:

Website: Site1>>>, Site2>>>
Sarah’s “21 Ways to find the right clients” eBook: Here>>>
Sarah’s book: Here>>>

How to attract clients:

  • Marketing is super important
  • Without marketing nothing happen in your business
  • We need to create demand
  • You can charge what you’re worth
  • We compete in free

How do we compete with free?

  • Figure out what makes us different
    • Look for ways to create value
    • You are doing something different
    • Ask people in your target market
    • People want you not price shopping
    • People value different things
  • Go in a BIG picture
    • Be part of a community
    • Build a database with the right kind of people
    • Meet with people
    • Send them a note
  • Go out and speak to small groups of people
    • Go out there and teach
    • Build relationship with these people
    • Partnering with other businesses
    • Doing workshops

Actions steps:

  • Build a database by meeting people as many as you could and build relationship
  • Write notes every week
  • Go to different activities

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