Learn about the importance of having a blog type website and how to get great SEO for your website.

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In this Photoprofit podcast, I talk to Zach Prez from photographyspark.com. Zach is an expert in search engine optimization for photographers and today, we discuss the top 3 mistakes most photographers are making on their websites. Listen now to find out if you’re making any – or all – of these mistakes! 

Spoiler alert! Do you have a headshot on your website? Zach explains why this is so important and on which pages you should include it.

We also discuss another big mistake that I have noticed recently that could be hurting your business.

We talk about the importance of having a blog type website and…

Zach gives a “gold nugget” on how to create great SEO for your website and how you can improve your Google rankings.

This podcast is a MUST for all photographers who have a website.

If you’re making any of these three mistakes, were you aware they could be affecting your business?

Enjoy! Brent.

In this episode:
(01:50) – Why is it important to learn the mistakes in their website?
(03:10) – Top 3 mistakes most photographers are making online
(28:50) – Action steps for blog posting
(35:12) – Your overall social media score and SEO score


Episode Highlights:

Website: Here>>>
Facebook: Here>>>

Why is it important to learn the mistakes in their website?

  • Fewer sales you received
  • You get lots people reading you stuff but will not hire you
  • Get the most people connected to you
  • Convert potential leads

Top 3 mistakes most photographers are making online:

  • Missing a headshot on your website
    • Avoid showing only your company logo
    • People want to know who they’re hiring
    • Each page must be treated as a landing page
      • Have About Me on every page
      • Have a headshot of every page
      • Sell your entire portfolio
    • Bio for a blog post
      • If you have other people writing for you
      • To promote some other stuff
  • Missing a clear Call to Action
    • Common to get thousands of people on your site but you’re not selling thousands of sessions
    • People come and go – need to capture them and their information to stay in contact
    • Email widget
    • Send regular newsletters with valuable information
    • Schedule emails
    • Have one clear Call to Action, avoid multiple calls to action
    • Be sure to provide your contact information; email, phone number, and Book Now button
  • Missing a blog
    • You need to have a regular and consistent post or article – weekly is good
    • A blog is the easiest way for creating basic pages
    • Can be used as a way to get a lot of shares on social media
    • Create relevant content and use tags and categories appropriately

Action steps for blog posting:

  • You don’t have to be a writer
  • Take your most recent photo session
  • Take 20 images for that session
  • Insert the images to the blog post
  • Just explain after each photo what’s happening in that photo
  • Be specific in your title
  • Links from other sites to your site

Your overall social media score and SEO score:

  • 5% will be the keyword on your page
  • 90% will be the other sites you’ve mentioned, not social
    • Get interviewed
    • Contribute articles
    • Be out there talking
  • Speak at events
  • Partner up or meetups with other vendors
  • You don’t have to invest a lot
  • Focus on getting emails

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