How to get your photography business up and running fast, using Facebook Ads

In this 3 part series, we discuss how to go from 0 to earning your first few $$$ in your photography business using Facebook Ads to attract leads and then convert them into customers. Bernie shares his smart system for going pro!

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Hi Guys, Brent here and welcome back to another Photo Profit episode. This is part 2 of a 3 part series on how to go pro using Facebook Ads with the world’s number photography business coach, Bernie Griffiths.

In today’s episode, we will jump into how to put these ads together to start generating leads and getting those customers calling you.

If you missed part 1, check it out now! See what a successful Facebook ad looks like and what it can do for you.

In this episode:

(00: 46) – Review: Results From Facebook Ad
(01:30) – Steps to Create Facebook Ads
(06:26) – Important Elements for Facebook Ads
(09:20) – Tips For Building and Boosting Your Post

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Review: Results From Facebook Ad

  • Nearly 40,000 people reach
  • Boosted the ad for $50
  • 396 comments and 103 shares
    • Organic reach is 31,927 people
    • Paid reach is 6,265 people
  • Photographer is getting real customers for this ad
  • He is going out and photographing them
  • Averaging $700 per shoot photographing them at their homes

Steps to Create Facebook Ads

  • Start with a genre
    • New born babies
    • Pets with their kids
    • Family
    • Classic cars
    • And more…
  • You have a TARGET (audience) for the ad
    • Put WANTED: Dogs and Kids
    • Give a reason why they’re wanted: Expanding our website gallery
    • Call to action: Fill out form at link below to collect lead information
  • Create incentive. Give them something in exchange
    • Complimentary photography session and free print as a thank you for helping extend my gallery
    • This encourages customers to click through
  • Engaging with customers means:
    • Communication
      • Phone is best
      • Send to website and Facebook page so they see what you do
      • Email

Important Elements for Facebook Ads

  • Headline in ALL CAPS
  • Reason to participate
  • Incentive to participate
  • Link to lead gathering form: Jot Forms
  • Studio/Photographer logo
  • Book Now button
  • Call to action: Like and share Facebook page/post
  • Make sure you create a Facebook page for your business. You can’t boost a post without it

Tips For Building and Boosting Your Post

  • Target: Create a new audience
  • Choose: Women (they are the target audience)
  • Demographic for your location
    • Drop pin where you are and choose within 20/30 kilometers of YOUR location
  • Interests: Pick interests that match target genre
  • Number of kids per family: Best seems to be those with 2 children
  • Age group: Best seems to be 30-50 years old
  • All of this is a laser target based on location AND age, gender, interests, number of children. It gets you the clients you WANT and who want your services.

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