How to get your photography business up and running fast, using Facebook Ads

In this 3 part series, we discuss how to go from 0 to earning your first few $$$ in your photography business using Facebook Ads to attract leads and then convert them into customers. Bernie shares his smart system for going pro!

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Hey Guys, Brent here and welcome back to another PhotoProfit episode. This is part 3 of a three-part series of how to go pro using Facebook Ads and I’ve got world’s number one photography business coach with me Bernie Griffiths. Today’s episode is all about what happens AFTER you get the lead and how to convert it to a paying customer.

Check out part 1 to see what a successful Facebook ad looks like, and part 2 to learn how to build your own in just a few minutes. 

In this episode:

(01:24) – 3 Types of Leads
(02:00) – How to Follow-up on Cold Leads
(09:52) – Summary of Flow
(11:33) – Critical element – Getting the guys involved
(13:40) – Terms and Conditions
(17:13) – Shoot flow
(19:22) –  Photo Profit Course Information
(20:41) – Free sessions with Bernie Griffiths
(22:48) – Facebook Ads for Win-Win

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Episode Highlights:

3 Types of Leads:

  • Cold Leads
    • Facebook leads are considered cold
  • Warm Leads
    • Come from programs they’ve done; gift program – part of online courses
  • Hot Leads
    • Referral-based leads
    • People know about you and you have a high profile with them

How to Follow-up on Cold Leads:

  • Some tips to remember:
    • It’s not about the money, it’s about the want (for your services)
    • Don’t assume they can’t afford your services
    • If you leave a message, state why you’ve called
    • Put the burden on them to call you back. Do NOT call them back.
    • Make them want YOU
  • Make sure that they are going to listen
  • Tell them the process – inform what you’re looking for
  • Offer complimentary print
  • Do the upsell
  • Recognize a Yes or a No
  • Give them a deadline

Summary of Flow:

  • Customer fills-out the online form
  • Get the details
  • Print it out
  • Give the customer a call
  • Inform customers of the process
    • This is the game
    • Here are the rules
    • Are you gonna play?

Critical Element – Getting the guys involved:

  • Make sure husband is involved and know the rules – or you will lose
  • Make sure all the decision-makers present

Terms and Conditions

  • Have these at the bottom of the form
    • $50 refundable confirmation fee when booking or take it off order
  • Let client know about this
  • Make sure you have the ability to accept credit cards. It is easy these days!

Shoot Flow:

  • Book the shoot
  • Take the deposit
  • Go to the house
  • Do the photoshoot
  • Edit the images
  • Show them the images
  • Customer buys (spending $700)
  • Print the images

Photo Profit Course!

  • How to set up your price list and put packages together
  • How to do the photoshoot
  • How to do the ordering and sales presentation
  • How to deliver images and get referrals
  • How to be happy and content with your life!

FREE SESSIONS with Bernie!

  • 2 separate one-hour one-on-one Skype sessions with Bernie Griffiths

Facebook Ads for Win-Win

  • Make the money
  • No real overheads

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