What are you attached to, is it your photo equipment? What would happen if you lost it all, would you be OK?

Find out what happened to me when my kiteboarding lines broke, and I got detached from my kite…

3 BIG Photo TIPS in this video…

Checkout all these comments on this video – WOW.

Gary Shaddox: Great video Brent! I found it motivational for some reason. Now if I could find someone to critique my images and tell me what I am doing wrong.
Brent: Thanks Gary. Yes, find a mentor – it will make such a difference. Post your images to 500px.com to get some feedback, great website for that. Cheers, Brent

Ricardo Alvarez: Great video! I really enjoyed it. Great and inspirational. Thanks a lot.
Brent: No worries Ricardo. Brent

Bob Wing: You rock Brent. Stop biting your nails. I’ll recommend you to everyone I know. You know your stuff and do a great job of passing it on.
Brent: Biting my nails mmmm, OK? Thanks for the compliments. B

Roy Jobe: Great video Brent you have given me some things to think about and some ideas about my next steps in my photography career. I was wondering would you be available to critique some of my photos (just a few)?
Brent: Thanks Roy, I’m thinking of starting a photo critique service, but it takes a lot of time (which takes me away from actually making more videos or kiting). Here is the idea: Create a small membership site where I critique a fixed (limited) number of photos per week from the members submissions, and only the members get to see the critique video. What do you think? How much would you pay for that service? Brent

Trish: Thank you, great advice! And just the nudge I needed to ask an photographer I admire to mentor me. Blessings!
Brent: Good luck Trish – when you ask someone for help, it’s difficult for them to say no. Brent

Stanley Georges: Glad that you are ok. Great video, thanks for sharing.
Best regards.
Brent: Cheers, Brent

sherif mostafa: U r a good guy Brent, talented but above all trusty photographer, just hope u don’t change that
Brent: Never Sherif, my mother would kill me! Brent

Helga: Thanks Brent, great advice I learned a lot from your videos,
I just got back from a South Tirol and Switzerland trip and got great
pictures and it would be great to find a mentor who would critique what I did. Hope you are Ok Blessings.
Brent: Thanks Helga, beautiful place in Switzerland. Cheers, Brent

Ann-Maree: Thank you – One photographer offers a critique service, where you send him up to 5 images at a time. He will offer his advice, highlights & where you can improve on the image if that is of help.
Ah if only you were in Tasmania Brent, I would apply for an apprenticeship 😉 –
Brent: What do they charge for that service? Imaging getting 7000 people email me at once with photo critiques, mmm, how would I handle that? BTW there are some great photographers in Tassie, you should have no problem finding one to help you out. Brent

Ann: It was $49 & I think that may have been US funds. My apologies for my shocking spelling earlier – poor editing on my part.
I purchased your video training on how to photograph kids & found that there were useful tips which I have since put to good use! Still some areas I need to work on. It doesn’t help that I am on the East Coast & not in metro areas.

Roy: I think that’s a great idea, I personally would pay up to $10 to $15 a month or even $1 to $5 per submission of photos given a limit of 3 to 4 photos per submission. It would be with it just having the opportunity to have my work critiqued by a professional and guide me to find my style
Brent: Sounds great Roy. If we had few more people who were after this service then it might be worthwhile. Lets see what others say. Cheers, Brent

Chris Warriner: Good advice Brent, love yr style of teaching, I am doing a photography diploma and I mix that with yr videos, in a way you are my mentor…big thank you.
Brent: Thanks Chris – I would love to be your mentor, maybe in a way I can be everyones mentor – just keep following my teachings. Cheers, Brent

Andrew Moseley-Packer: Hi Brent, just seen the kite video, nice one – I like the link to the photography. My view on what makes a great photographer (in a business sense) is that you operate from a point of moral purpose – you actually want to help those people who have become your clients. Yes you have to earn money, but you provide value through honesty & integrity in what you do.
On the mentoring – yeah, great idea. There are lots of these services around (although I’ve never signed up to one – yet). A fee paying service sounds fair as it could take over your life! I think I would go to maybe £10 (sorry, around A$15) per month to have maybe half a dozen images critiqued in a calendar month by someone like yourself.
Keep up the good work!
AMP (Gloucester, UK)
Brent: Hi Andrew – when it comes to business, yes a moral purpose is good, but unless you are making a profit all that stuff doesn’t matter. And to make a profit you need to give your clients good value for money, and of course honestly and integrity goes hand in hand with creating a worthwhile business in your community. Looks like there are a few out there who want some sort of critique service, mmm, you have got me thinking. Thanks for your opinion. Brent

Wanda Krack: I enjoyed your video, and as usual, it is inspiring. Sorry to hear of your accident and I am glad you’re OK.
Brent: Thanks Wanda

Cheryl: Hello Brent, some great words of advice and inspiration. I am studying professional photography and my tutors on these courses are working professional photographers and I find their critiques very useful. But one experience I found so helpful was to shadow a photographer whilst they were photographing a client. I guess the next best thing (as you recommend) is to watch videos of photographers being filmed while they are working.
Brent: Great idea to shadow a photographer whilst they work. I guess you need to decide what are of photography you want to focus on. Brent

Richard Doyle: Brent, I thoroughly enjoy your videos and advice.
Do you ever have any thoughts on how you go about making videos?
It might be helpful to those working on travel blogs or just commemorating a special event.
Looking forward to your ideas on this.
Brent: Videos are fun but take a lot of work too. The audio is the most important part of the video – this video for instance, I recorded it 6 times because of the wind noise and audio was not acceptable. I think for now, I”ll focus on photography. Cheers, Brent

Briano: Made me sit up and think you are a thoughtful guy CHEERS
Brent: Cheers Briano. B

Laurie Anne King: What defines me as a photographer – it’s not my knowledge – it’s my passion for the craft. My desire to learn is driven by this internal hunger for expressing my passion. Thanks for being defined by ‘knowledge’ and sharing your knowledge!
Brent: I hear you Laurie. Yes passion is very important, and the need to express your creativity. Great comments. Brent

Gary Griffith:great video brent, very deep. amazing how you took an experience that would have been traumatic for many and made it into a thought provoking video.
Brent: Thanks Gary, yes it could have been a traumatic experience but I got lucky. I guess you cant control what happens to you – you can only control your reaction to what happens. Something to think about…

Attached to kite


Please leave me comments below. Brent

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