What makes a good photography website?

Find out how to start a photography website from scratch, what is important and how to make it awesome!

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Highlights of this video:
1:50 What is Share Inspire Create Lounge
5:35 How SIC Lounge helped Hamed
7:25 SIC Lounge is a safe and a trusting environment
9:40 Hamed shares about his amazing video editing technique
13:45 Hamed shares tips and encouragement for improving photography

How SIC Lounge could help you improve your Website

1. Great place to learn photography.

First impressions of Share. Inspire. Create. Lounge: A very helpful and friendly environment.
Initially, I asked Hamed to share his thoughts about the SIC lounge. And these are what he said:

Actually the Lounge is a very good place to be.There are many good people, very talented people and they are really helpful. So when everyone has a question or when they have something to share, they can easily share it. It’s a very friendly environment. The name of the website is the same thing, share, inspire and create so exactly this is what you can find in this community. So you can share, you can inspire others and you can create; it’s very helpful. I learn many things from you. You can find many tutorial and process and other resources in this community.


2. Get constructive feedback on your photography work.

Secondly, Hamed was asked about how SIC lounge help him and his website get to where it is today, these are what he said:

About my website, I really wanted to build a website for a long time. I was waiting for the right moment, so when I created that one I thought; okay these are the basics I need to get some feedback on other people. And the best way to do that is to show it to professionals and other people in your nature or in your field. So that’s what I did. I ask you and other people in the community. I put the link of my website. I ask them to have a look at my software and tell me what should I do next to improve it. So I receive a lot of very good advises and comments. And I tried to apply them. So it was very helpful for me actually. I got a lot of good advises and very helpful I can say.

Tips on improving your website:

Hamed was then asked about his experience on identifying mistakes and using them for
the improvement on working his own website. These are what he has to say;

1. Effectively communicate to your audience the main purpose of your website.

The first thing was actually my website was not just for photography. I put my other works there as well. I’m also a compositor, so I needed a website to present all of the different kind of work I can do, basic information about myself and something like that. The problem was that the beginning of the website, it looked like confusing for some people. Because it wasn’t really peculiar of what’s the purpose of the website. And the second thing was I need to organize and fix some minor problem in how to present my photos and other stuffs like that. I got very good ideas because it is my first time on owning a website. I haven’t done it before so it was very helpful for me to realize what I should do. What should I actually consider when I’m creating this kind of website.


2. Value the significance of learning and gaining wisdom from constructive feedback from non-professionals and professionals alike to improving your website.

That’s great. You got some good advises. And could you have got advises from internet, form other forms do you think. Would have been the same or you got difference advise or what makes the SIC Lounge the place that you went to for advice?

That’s a good question actually. I think that first of all this group of people there are all photographers. So you put something there. That you showed to them and measure your audience and you want to get feedback from your audience. So the first step is that you need to get in touch with someone who’s professional and this community is a very friendly environment. People are really open-minded and they all want to help you. This is very important. So if you don’t know all the people, maybe they will give you some random ideas or something that is not really helping you for your purpose of your work or what you want to do. So it’s better to do it in the right way. So that was the right way for me.


3. Join a trusting and a positive environment where you can freely share your creativity and receive feedback from experienced individuals.

Awesome, and I think what’s the only reason is a lot of people love the Share Inspire Create Lounge is because it’s a positive environment and it’s a safe place to ask questions you don’t get calls and they like telling you bad things and saying negative things to you. You know I put a lot of personal stuff in there too that I’m testing out which I wouldn’t put on the internet because everyone will see it. I just want the people that I trust. It’s a trusting environment I guess.

Exactly, that’s what I’m trying to say.

4. Don’t be complacent about what you know and have. Constantly learn and improve your skills.

First of all I want to thank you for giving me this chance to be part of this awesome community. And for everyone who wants to improve even professional, as an artist I believe you have to constantly learn and improve your skills. So everyone who wants to improve it’s a very good place to do that and to communicate with other people. Please come and join us. It’s very cool place. I really like it.

Awesome, thank you Hamed and I’ll talk to you in the Lounge. Catch you later.

Thank you very much. See you.

To view more of Hamed Bank’s masterpieces, please go to hamedbank.com.

Hope you find this motivating to unleash your creativity.

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